Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 1, 2014

split in Vitória da Conquista!!!

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like 1/15th of my area. hahaha.

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Nov 24, 2014

Hey so this is a guy that is actually almost totally blind and plays the guitar like the great Slash. We almost baptized him. He wanted to get baptized so  badly. he loved the church but....his pastor started saying lots of bad stuff about the church so he decided not to be baptized....Its sad to see some people listen more to men then they do to God.... it was pretty sad even though I am pretty much used to that happening cause that happens A LOT!!! Either way. A really good guy. In the future he will be baptized.  

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

So this week was a really good one....other than our baptism falling on Saturday after doing everything possible to make it happen. But Its okay. It will happen next weekend. 

This week I spent the whole time in Vitória da Conquista. A really nice city. I loved it! I did some divisions with some missionaries there and we saw some incredible miracles. It all started off on Wednesday morning. I got there at 5:30am. We then went to their house and got ready to go to district meeting. We had district meeting.

Then we ate lunch with an incredible couple who has about 8 years as members of the church who had a girl who is 8 years old. I hit it off really quickly with the two of them and all during lunch the three of us (me and the wife and husband) were laughing and having great conversation. Anyway I had no idea that they are less active. Its been almost two years since they have been to church. So they chose me to leave the message with them. As they were talking with the other missionaries I had the STRONGEST urge to talk a little bit about Carson and share my message while using some scriptures about the importance of eternal famalies and temples. I was fighting that feeling a little bit just because I dont share real personal experiences with everyone and anyone, you know? Anyway I read some scriptures and shared with them that I had lost a member of my family and proceeded to show them the dog chains that I use around my neck. As I was testifying of the blessings we have from the gospel and the temples the mother and father just started sobbing. I was a little confused and asked them if everything was okay. The mom got control and answered that two years ago they lost their two year old baby girl to a sickness that they didnt even know she had. She then went on to tell me that is why they stopped going to church. She said that the entire day she had been thinking about her baby girl and was having a really hard day. She then told me that because of the death of their daughter they had stopped going to church. They were angry and questioned why it had to happen. I read one more scripture in The Book of Mormon and testified to them the importance of going to church so that we can prepare ouselves to go to the temple to be sealed with our famalies by the priesthood power. They have not yet been. I invited them to return to church and start reading The Book of Mormon together as a family and they agreed. The Spirit was so strong. Everyone in the house was crying. After leaving a chapter in The Book of Mormon to study that night we left. 

I got a call from the missionaries yesterday and they told me that the whole family was in church and the dad went to talk to the bishop about baptizing their 8 year old daughter and plans to go to the temple. 

Miracles like this happen honeslty...weekly on the mission. As many hard times as I have had Its hard to remember them because experiences like these shut them out. 

Later that same day we went to do some baptismal interviews. As we were walking one of the missionaries said....hey lets go visit a man whos entire family is baptized and has a daughter on a mission. He isnt baptized yet because he believes he doesnt need to be. Well the missionaries have been working with him for over a year but we were determined to help him understand the importance of baptism. 
We got there and started talking. After three hours of talking I finally picked him up and threw him up on my shoulders and ran out of the house yelling back to the family to show me where the nearest river was cause I was gonna baptize him. hahaha. It was pretty funny. He is a little guy. I ran a pretty long ways with him on my shoulders. haha Then we talked for another hour. We explained everything and took away all of his doubts and answered his questions. He has a testimony of the church he jst didnt really understand why we needed to be baptized. So after 4 and a half hours of talking with him. He was interviewed and baptized this Saturday.....another incredible experience. He and his wife also talked to bishop on monday making plans to go to the temple with their daughter in January when she gets home from her mission. 

Thursday and Friday I worked with other missionaries where we also saw some miracles. They baptized some great people on Saturday as well. On Friday I made a contact with a woman in front of her house who is super strong in her church. While the other two elders were teaching someone right next to me I just went on to teach her taught about the restoration of the gospel. By the end I started to testify and while I was testifying I saw a wedding ring on her hand (something you dont see cause its hard to find people who are actually married) and the thought came to share a testimony about eternal famalies and temples and priesthood power. While I started talking about eternal famalies she started sobbing.....again i stopped and asked her what was wrong. She answered that her husband passed away four months ago after 20 years of marriage. Her and her daughter were very sad and having a really hard time. I continued to teach and then left.  
In the beggining of the contact she said she wouldnt go to church cause she had to go to her church. By the end of the lesson she said she would go to church with us. The missionaries called me and told me yestreday her and her daughter were there and really loved it. 

The gospel is true and brings happiness to ALL who hear it and apply it!!

Sorry, I know this email was long and I usually dont share very many stories with you guys. I just wanted to share a couple of experiences with you all because they had a lot to do with eternal famalies. I am grateful that we can go to the temple with our famalies and be sealed for time and eternity. I love you all. 

Have a great week! 
Elder Hadley

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

MOTHER and family,

I am sorry for the past couple of weeks that i havent sent email....I spend most of the time here in the office on pday playing "phase 10" or sleeping. haha. Just kidding I dont sleep that much. Even though I want to....I did a division with Elder Hoggan to do a baptismal interview and while we were teaching a lady at her door i was literally sleeping while standing up and leaning against her was not good. haha. 

I sent some pictures to you....I hope that makes up for my lack of writing emails the past fw weeks. haha. 

So this week was pretty good. We worked really hard and were able to teach a lot of great people. So the missionaries in this are before I got here were working with a couple and were trying to help them get married.....why it wasnt done before I dont know but we are finally seeing progress with the the progress of their testimonies have come to a halt.....I have taught some of the best lessons that I have ever taught while here on the mission with this couple and....nothing.....its tough to see someone SO SPECIAL start to have more and more doubts. Its like these doubts that are being put into their minds are coming from a series of dreams they have been having.....These dreams are so DUMB and honestly have nothing to do with anything but they feel like God is trying to warn them about something they are doing.

 One dream Salai had (the wife) was that she was at some random church without a name and that people were crying in the church and then two women stood up and started teaching everyone.....that was all that happened in the dream and she thinks God is trying to tell her that she needs to re think all of the confirming answers that she has already I understand that she can feel confused because she is understanding things that are not coming from God, but its just a little frustrating when she has recieved many spiritual confirmations about the truthfulness of what we teach.....And with Cardão her husband....this last week we had a lesson and Salai had finished telling us that she wouldnt be baptized cause now she has doubts (keep in mind they have both born testimony on fast and testimony meeting that this is the true church and they have told us a million times they have recieved an answe about everything) then I asked Cardão "if marriage wasnt an issue would you be baptized this week" and he responds (he is really smart and always tries to "out-smart" us haha) "Elder Hadley, if you were on a path and a door popped up in front of you and you didnt know what was on the other side, would you go in?" (he was totally expecting me to say no) but I just said "If God told me to...Id kick the door down" then we had a great lesson with them and responded to a lot of doubts.... but still......its tough.....We arent quite sure what we need to do....the bottom line is they stopped doing their part and allowed the enemy to start working on them....

 And these past two weeks they havent come to church and I talked to them on the phone yesterday and they said they want a little bit of time to see if this is the true church so what are they going to do....stop going to church....okay so after explaining to them that that is not how God works they wanted us to pass by their house tonight we are going to go to their house. Its tough but.....we will not give up on them. We just have to figure out what they need because they are extremely special people and we love them a lot! Thats why you probably could pick up a hint of frustration in the email. haha. 

the rest of our investiagtors are AMAZING and things are going smoothly. 

Elder Fernandes came to was incredible....I love that man. He gave a training on Faith. And it had been something I have been studying HARD for about 2 months. And his training just was amazing. It helped a lot. We had the time to spend some time with them after the training. It was really cool to talk with him and his wife. And to have Presidente and Sister Andrezzo there with us made it way better.  

I sent a picture of when he came to our house. I hope you guys can open it up. 

Anyway so this week was awesome. I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Hadley

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 2, 2014

I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing my faith grow immensely while here on the mission. As we know there exsists a HUGE difference between faith and faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. As Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches us: "When we speak of faith—the faith that can move mountains—we are not speaking of faith in general but of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."   

Faith in Christ is a principle of power. We as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints should do all that we can to improve the quality of our faith in Jesus Christ so that we may be able to have the power to overcome the trials that we are currently facing and will face in the future. 

Having the privilege of finding and teaching people about the Doctrine of Christ and seeing their lives change because of it has been a huge faith strengthener. By their examples I have been able to witness what the power of true faith in our Savior can do when it is applied. It gives us the strength beyond our own to do what needs to be done. I believe that "the faith that can move mountains" can be understood literally as well as symbolically. With faith in Christ and His atoning sacrifice we will have the capacity to move the spiritual and emotional "mountains" that all to often impeade us from remembering who we are and our potential. 

I testify of the power of faith. I know that faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ truly is the antidote for all fear, doubt, and sadness. I know that if we, like many of those that I have had the chance of teaching, apply the Doctrine of Christ in our lives our faith will increase and we will have the power necessary to overcome our hardships. 

I share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Elder Hadley

This was my testimony I sent to Kennedy Syrie for her YW thing.....I hope its what she wanted....haha. Sorry I didnt send a family letter. Love you mom. Your letter from the box made me cry like a baby. hahaha.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27, 2014

So this week was a good one. I had the chance to travel to another city to do a split with some missionaries. It was a lot of fun. I got to work with a missionary from my group named Elder Groll. He is a stud. Then we worked really hard when we got back to our area. Like really really hard and had a lot of people confirmed to go to church with us. But.....unfortunately we did not have as many as had said would go. Thats normal, right? But it was still pretty sad because these people were SUPER solid on going to church. Our investigator  that was going to get baptized this saturday had to go to the interior of the state......super sad. She will get back in two weeks and we will baptize her then. 
Elections happened.....Dilma won again....she is garbage. Aécio would have been way better for this country. 
Anyway. Sorry I dont have a lot of time to write. We had lots to do today and still have lots more to do....but I love you guys and hope you all have a great week. Tell michelle and nate I love them. Give all of the grandkids a big hug and kiss for me. I am super excited to see all of the little ones here in 3 months....crazy how fast its going by....I am still focused but still...its a lot easier to think about home now. haha. 

Love you all!

Elder hadley

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Hey so this week was a really good one!! We had a lot of time to work in our own area and that was really nice. We found and taught lots of less actives and found lots of new people. We confirmed lots of people to go to church with us but we were only able to take a few. It was a little sad but as i have learned here on the mission you have to count the small victories even if they are small. haha. 
We took a less active lady to church from São Paulo. I think she is like 60 years old. We call her grandma. haha. Its super funny cause she yells at us all the time so we yell back at here. Like on Sunday she was taking forever to come out of the house and we just stood outside yelling at here to hurry up and that we were going to leave her. hahaha. She is pretty funny. We also took some girls who actually went by themselves which isnt something tha happens every sunday. haha. They are really good. They are 24 and 25. You find here that girls take life way more seriously than the guys. Not always but a lot of the time it is that way. Then the couple who we are helping get the papers to they can get married also went. They are seriously the coolest people. They are a young couple and they LOVE it when we teach them. Cardim the husband is such a stud. He has incredible questions and understands things of the gospel so well. The book of Mormon is helping out a lot. Its great. I am pretty tired and working in this super hot sun is difficult but the people that we find each day and the others that we are working with make it all worth it. 
 This week we will travel to a city called Itabuna to do a split with some missionaries. I am pretty excited. I have already been to the city because it is super close to Ilhéus, where I was serving. But I have never had the chance to actually work there.  
Thanks for the birthday wishes. We were able to work really hard on my birthday even though I was pretty dang sick. President and Sister were traveling so I didnt get a cake....haha. Because if you are a missionary in Salvador then they will buy a HUGE cake and take it to your house for you. But they were in the interior traveling so they called and sand to me. Last year they were also traveling....its okay. Next year maybe I will get a birthday cake. haha. 
So i heard BYU is having troubles and lots of injuries....thats super sad. They were doing really well. I feel really bad for Taysom. I hope he is doing well. 
Dang the family pictures and the pictures of my nieces and nephews is super great to see. I seriously have an urge to grab them and kiss their cheeks. I miss those babies!!! Everyone will be at my homecoming and leave the babies at the house until I go to BYU to make up for the two years I didnt have with them. haha. 
I hope you all are doing well. I miss you guys. Love you!! Have a great week!!

Elder Hadley

Mom, I still havent gotten the box....haha. but its okay. Its coming.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

Alright so I have heard from a few of my friends that mom is saying that she hasnt heard from me in the last few weeks....haha. Sorry mom I thought I was sending email. The truth is, like I have already said, I dont have a whole lot to say when I sit down to write you guys. haha. I am not sure why but I really dont. But I will try to be more detailed. 

So here we go:

I got back to salvador and I am loving it. I love my companion and I love the other missionaries who live in our house. It is seriously like the best house on the mission. Everyone is so good and works really hard. We have a missionary named Elder Hoggan who is actually the mission secretary and probably will be for the rest of his life cause he is so dang good at it, living with us and he honestly is just an amazing kid. i am super impressed with how he carries himself. He doesnt force it and isnt like awkward or weird or anything but he just is a really good kid. I remember he got on the mission when I first went to go train and I wanted to train him so badly!! But I didnt. ha. Anyway. 

This first week back in salvador was great. Here at the Stake center during general conference I saw tons of people from Itapuã and Bandeirantes, the two areas that I worked in while I was here before. I saw members, recent converts, and less-actives that i worked with. It was super emotional. I loved it. haha. I think I might have lunch for the rest of our Pdays while I am here in Salvador. 

During the breaks of conference sessions me and my companion spent a lot of time with Presidente Andrezzo talking about the mission and really just talking. Its honestly very humbling to be able to work closer with him. A man incredible inspired, loving, merciful, pacient, and very obedient. He really cares for all of the missionaries and you can see it. On saturday he took me and my comp to eat at McDonalds. Wow.....the 2nd time on my entire mission....haha. It was pretty dang good. It had been a long time. 

We have a really good group. We are working with lots of people who need to get married....something that is very difficult to make happen here in the state of the Bahia....Its a long and difficult process. Even for those who really want it. 

Elections this week.....thats been pretty crazy for the past month and a half. Lots of commercials and stuff like that. they do elections here WAY different.....

Not much is new. We are preparing a training to give tomorrow about The Book of Mormon. Probably the best topic to give a training about. We hope and Pray it will be a success. 

I loved general conference. It was incredible. I loved all of it and took some great notes. I really enjoyed Jorg Klebingat and Elder Bednars talk. Elder always. I loved Elder Scotts talk. And Elder Godoys talk was amazing as well. I was spiritualy fed. I am sure you were as well. 

I hope you have a great week!! I love you all!!

Elder Hadley   

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 29, 2014

Hey Family,
So transfers came in......and I am getting transfered back to Salvador.....I am super nervous about this new area and everything else but I know I will learn a lot and be able to help lots of missionaries. I am going to miss my comp like crazy....seriously....I will miss him a lot. Goodness I love this kid....I know we will do a lot together after the mission but still....I am going to miss him.
Our area is awesome. The people are great. Not a whole lot to say. ha. Our investigators are awesome. Elder Ray is awesome and will continue to tear it up!!!
My new companion is also amazing. I am super grateful for the chance I have to serve with him. He is  spiritual giant and will help me out a lot. His name is Elder A. Santos. A really good kid.
love you guys
elder hadley

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

Sorry....I know I have been super lame with the family emails these past few weeks.....actually pretty much the entire mission. Forgive me...haha.

So this week was an amazing learning experience for me. I learned that the enemy tries many different ways to destroy The Lords work....we as missionaries/members of the church have to do all that we can to not permit it to happen.
I was studying a lot this week about Joseph in Egypt and about the VISION that he had. He honestly knew exactly what he had to do to be successful. Even when everything was against him and he passed through so many difficulties he did two very important things. 1) He didnt get down and forget his GIANT plans and goals in life and didnt stop believing that he was capable of accomplishing them. 2) He remembered who was with him and that was all that he cared about. It says many times in the scriptures that The Lord was with him or something close to that.
To accomplish what we need to in life we need to do exactly what Joseph did.

Keep our eyes on the plans and goals we have. No matter what happens. And we cannot be afraid to have VISION and understand that we are capable of being (the second in command of all of Egypt).
We cannot forget who we are and who is with us.
We all need to remember that. Things wont always always go our way. But if we do what Joseph did....we will be alright. I wrote down tons of other stuff that I found from that experience that he had but I think thats good enough. haha.

RICH and CHERISE!!!!! Had the baby!!!! Wow.....I am so dang happy. I hope everyone is healthy and doing alright.
President gave a training to a few zones in the mission and I cant even explain to you the Spirit that was in that chapel. He speaks with SO MUCH POWER. He teaches from the scriptures and from the words of the leaders of the church. It is sucha blessing to have him as my leader. I trust him with everything I have. A great man.

I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!! This week will be an amazing week for us!!
Elder Hadley

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 8, 2014

Hey family,
So My email has had a problem for a few weeks now. I get emails super late or nt at all....and when I send emails sometimes they dont go through and I have no idea that it happens. ha. So sorry about all of that.
Sos this week was a great one. Another amazing Saturday.
So we went to Salvador for the monthly council and it was a great time. Like always I cannot help but just get goosebumps and feel The Spirit so incredibly strong when my mission president President Andrezzo speaks to us....He speaks with power and authority and you know how much he loves you. I am grateful to be serving with him.
So we got back with our suitcases full of suppplies for the other missionaries and as we were walking to the church we saw a guy with an old cart and his naturally...we asked him if we could throw our bags in and jump in the back. Being a man from the Bahia. He let us in with no problems. haha. He took us down the main street until we got to the church. haha. It was pretty dang funny. 
This week we worked hard with those that we are teaching and found more people to teach as well. We had some great spirt filled lessons that were amazing. At church there was some drama with the members during sacrament meeting....without going into detail it was a pretty rough..haha. But its okay.
Today has been a roller coaster. A son of a recent convert of mine here in this area passed away. Its pretty sad but they will be okay. We will go to the viewing tonight and give our support. Its been a super stressful day. For some reason we have had to plan the and my comp. ha. But its working out well.
So I will send some pics in this email. I hope you all have a great week.I love you guys!! Be safe!!!

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 1, 2014

So this week was another incredible one that once again ended amazingly. I am really happy to be here. So I am with Elder Ray from Portland Oregon. Mom, thats where he is from. ha. I sent some pictures last week of us together. Next week I will send some more. We have to leave in a few hours to travel to Salador to get some trainings. Its a long bus ride and we get zero sleep. haha. Thats normal. Sleeping isnt the easiest thing in the world and hasnt been for  a long time. ha.
Spence congrats man.I am super proud of you. I heard BYU won. Thats good for them. Hopefully they do really well this year.
This week was awesome. We have lost some contact with some great investigators that we were working with. We have to get back into contact with them because they were progressing super well. We baptized a 13 year old girl this week and are working with the rest of her family. I have never met a 13 year old girl so amazing and with so much desire to do good. She is reading the book of mormon everyday and writes down what she learns. We got her on the personal progress for young women already and she is killing it!! I will send you a picture of her next week. Serioulsy though....she is an angel.
We worked hard this week, and had the chance to talk to and teach and help lots of people. Its basically the same stuff every single day. haha. Nothing too crazy happens. Its nothing like Salvador. haha.

I love my comp. I love this area. I love this work. Its fun. I miss you guys and now that fotball has started.....I wont lie....its pretty dang tough. haha. But I am doing alright.

I love you all. If you have any questions I think it will be easier to write more in emails. have a great week!!
Elder hadley

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aug 25, 2014

This is the only pic I have with my comp as of right now. This was our baptism on Saturday. We baptized his mom the week before. They are awesome. Then the other picture is just me wearing Rays suit with my tie. Just trying it out. haha. sorry about not sending more. This week was a great one. I had so much fun and we worked hard. It was a little dissapointing on sunday. We were able to get 6 people in church but a few of those who are really close to baptism didnt go. We need to go see what is going on. I love you all and hope you are well. I PROMISE MOM, I will write more next week. have a great week!! GOod luck Spence!! PS The trip in utah looked like a blast. I loved the pictures. I remember when dad was always showing us around BYU when we were little. Those were the good old days. haha. Drinking that ice cold mountain water from the drinking fountains. haha. Elder Hadley

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11, 2014

SPENCER!!!!! RAIDERS!!!!! haha.

Wow I am so happy for you man. You deserve it. I lilked the finger. remember my thumb that I messed up at BYU spence. It still hurts quite a bit. haha. And is still swollen....but I think you got it a little bit worse.

So this week was great. These past few months have been great. We have had the chance to help people enter into the waters of baptism weekly. Its such a miracle to be apart of this work; When we give it our all the Lord blesses us with what we ask. Nothing too crazy happened this week. I left the area for the first time in like 8 weeks. haha. I did not like being away for the 2 days and was super happy to get back. I love my area and the people we are teaching.

I am tired but super happy. I love you all. Sorry this letter isnt very long. To be honest...I dont know what to say anymore. haha. Its the same ol same ol. I hope you all are well!!!

Elder Hadley

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aug 4, 2014

Hey family,
HOw is everyone? Wow mom that is crazy! So many new babies. I had no idea that everyone was prego...I didnt know that Nicole also was expecting. And Caitlyn had a baby?!?! What the crud!! haha. MY mind is blown right now! 

Tell them all I miss them and love them. I miss all of the cousins a ton. I was thinking about it. I am super grateful that we did such a great job to stay so close throughout all of the years. It is such a blessing to have a family like the one I have.

The area is doing really well. The Lord is blessing us a ton. I cant even explain it...Miracles after miracles...I am regreting that these past three months I have been super lazy with writing in my journal....But I still do it. Just not every single day. I was writing every day up until the last week of May. Literally had not missed one day. Then I got transfered and I ran out of time to do it....well not really but time is a lot harder to find. But Dont worry mom. I am writing down and wont forget the experiences that I will tell you all about when I get home. 

We are able to take lots and lots of people to church on Sunday. That is really helping us see lots progress to baptism. Its really an amazing thing to be apart of. The Lord has really helped me and my companions in all of my areas here on the mission. 

We had a meeting last week with President Andrezzo. Wow. That man is inspired by God and when he speaks the presence of The Spirit is so strong. I cant even explain it. He gave us a great training and I learned a lot. This week I have been studying really hard in the Doctrine and Covenants. I spent the entire week studying about DC 84. Its a great section and I learned A LOT!! It was a section I have already read but I decided to sit down and really study it. Lots of Gospel truths are in there. Jesus The Christ is also blowing my mind. haha. Its the second time I am reading it here on the mission and I learn more and more every time a open it. PMG and The Book Of Mormon are amazing. Tell Pat that if he studies The Book of Mormon and PMG before the mission. I mean really studies. It will make all the difference for him when he gets in the field. He will be a missionary with MUCH POWER.  

The scriptures are great and help our faith increase. I am so grateful for them. Study them and say your prayers!! 

Alright family, I love you all and hope you are well. Mom, I will send you next week things you can put in my package. Sound good? Love you all. 

Elder Hadley 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th, 2014

So this week was a super fast week and it was really really busy. We were able to get a lot done and find and teach somegreat people. I will tell you about someone we just started to teach who went to church with us this last week. Leo is 20 years old and is really good. He is super excited about the book of mormon. He lives with some members which is helping a lot. These past few months I have changed a lot of the way I work. I still knock doors because I love doing it. A lot. But I decided to take on the challenge that Russell M. Nelson gave to the mission presidents here in Brasil. If we work more with recent converts and less actives. We will find more people to baptize. It has really helped my last area and this area see more success and get the members involved. It has really been a blessing to see. It was hard to make these changes I wont lie...cause I really like knocking doors. But it is working really well and is helping a lot.
So Leo is progressing really well as long as a few others. We have a really solid group that is going to church with us or by themselves. Its fun to see investigators slowly go from needing you to pass by and get them to going alone. Its cool. I also decided to assign members in the ward to go pass by and walk with people to church. Its helping out a lot.

This last saturday we had a talent show and american pancake night....Me and Elder Hedworth, another American in this ward (from New York) made lots and lots and lots of pancakes and syrup. haha. It was lots of fun.
Me and my comp are doing well. No complaints....haha. We were able to have lots of super spiritual lessons this week and see lots of missionaries as well as me and my comp have miracles happen. The mission is full of learning and growing.
I have been teaching English for the past few weeks and it has been really fun.
Thats about all that I can think of that has been going on. We will travel to Salvador for a couple of days then come back to our area on wednesday. Love you guys and have a great week. Remember who you are!!

ELder Hadley

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Family, This week was an amzing week. I did a split with one of my favorite people on the planet, Elder Pirillo from Florida. He stayed with me for the whole week while my comp went to stay in an area that was actually his first area on the mission. This week was full of miracles for everyone. Especially us. I will have to tell you guys about all of them when I get home. But one of our baptisms this last Saturday was a lady who is 87!!! haha. We finally helped her to stop smoking. She is amazing!! We were able to baptize her daughter last month and they are the two best ladies on the planet. They never miss church and wont. They listen to the book of mormon on CD everyday for HOURS. haha. They are awesome. Great people here in this area. We are still working with an amazing family who is REALLY close to entering into the waters and being members of the church. It is so awesome to be apart of. These past few days it has been tough to buy things in the store and make contacts in the street...everyone thinks I am German....haha. I have already been threatened to get my face beat in. I have never been more proud to say that I AM AN AMERICAN. haha. Its saved me from a butt whoopin. haha. But now I have kind of just accepted it and sometimes I tell people I am German and brag to them....but its chill. Nobody will do anything. Lots of them joke around with me. Only a couple of times they wouldnt accept me at their cash register to buy something or let me invite them to church....O well. What can ya do? haha. Thanks mom and dad for the super blonde hair and blue eyes....haha. It was a great week!!! ANyway I love you all. Tell April to keep her head up. SHe is doing awesome!!! Love you all, ELder Hadley

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

So this week was a fantastic week for us!! We are teaching 3 legally married famalies and got them all to church for the second time yesterday!!!! I cant even tell you how thrilled we are. I love everyone that I teach and have the honor of helping be baptized. But teaching and helping famalies into the waters of Baptism is I cant even fully explain it. This week was great.
I traveled a lot....I was going around doing interviews for baptisms for other missionaries in our zone. We have great missionaries that work very very hard and who have a huge desire to baptize! If you teach with the Spirit, you are obedient, and you have desire and will be able to help many gain a testimony of the gospel. I love this work.
Love you all,
elder Hadley

Brazil vs Chile

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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

So these past have been really good ones. I have been really lazy with my journal writing the past 5 weeks....I am incredibly sad seeing that five weeks ago was literally the first day that I hadn't written in the entire mission....But I have been better these past couple of weeks. Its just when we do splits and things like that I never have time to write. But I will get it taken care of. I have repented and will be better.
We have a great area. I have already talked about it a little bit to you guys Its super close to the church which helps out a lot.
We are teaching a family. Well we actually have not been teaching them yet because they are always gone!!! But we will get in there on Tuesday and teach them. they have came twice by themselves!! Its a mother with two daughters and a son. Good people. We are looking forward to Tuesday. I have no doubt they will be baptized. The moms sister is a member of the church and lives in Utah. That helps.
We have been teaching great people and working a ton with the recent converts and with the less actives. In this area it is without a doubt the best way to work. But we also knock tons of doors. Because I am in love with knocking doors. I think its really exciting.
The world cup has been pretty crazy. But not too crazy. In my area anyways. I know in Salvador...its pretty nuts. We have to stay inside our house when Brazil plays because of the parties and stuff. But we always catch bits and pieces of other games because EVERYONE we teach is watching and will not turn off their tv. They pay attention to us but will not turn it off. They think its cool that we love to cheer with them and stuff.
We were teaching a married couple who was being kind of slow while they were progressing. We decided to bring the hammer down and the Spirit was incredibly strong. We taught the plan of salvation. They loved it and could feel the spirit and felt that they needed to repent. But Sunday came around....and they didn't go to church. that often happens. I think that's why I am so stressed. I care for these people and want to help them with conversion and baptism but many times....they deny the spirit. That makes me really sad for them. really sad....But we cant make their choices for them.

 I literally think my hair is falling out....but I think that is either a Clyde gene or my stress....Just pray that it stops cause I have literally cried at night about it. hahaha. Not really but almost. Its a crappy feeling....
But I am loving every second I have here. I miss you guys a ton. But I am not ready to get back yet. haha. I have learned so much since I have been here on the mission. I have studied and studied and studied some more. The doctrine of the gospel is addicting. I hope you all are also studying as well. The scriptures are incredible. Study the book of Mormon.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Pray for my baldness. haha

Elder Hadley

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey family,
So this week was a good one and one that was also kind of sad....I had spent a year in the capital, Salvador. And I had to leave to a city called Ilheus. Its very beautiful. Its sad just cause I will miss Salvador but its also really good and I am really excited because of my new area and my new comp.
Like I said I am in Ilheus Its really awesome. We have a great ward and great recent converts! and great people. There was a terrible accident here in this little small area where a little ten year old boy was in an accident with his bike, him, and a semi....we found out the name of the boy and are searching for his family. We hope we can find them and teach them. Everybody pretty much knows everybody here so we will find the house.
My comp is Elder Gillenwater, he is from Indiana. He is so great. haha. It seems like we have been friends for longer than one week. We have a lot in common and this week was great while we were teaching. We really felt the Spirit and all of our lessons flowed really well. He makes me want to be better daily. So that is really good.
There isnt a whole lot to write this week. I am in a ward where Grant Gallinger served (from Richland, Tysons cousin if you guys dont remember) and he as some people here that he baptized that are amazing!!! They help us so much with the work. Elder Gallinger was a great missionary.
I will write more next week. Ask questions. I dont know what to say anymore. haha. Love you all and have a great week!!!
Elder Hadley  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26, 2014

So this week.....was a really good one.....and a really sad one.... Good because we saw tons of miracles and the end of the week ended exactly how every missionary wants it to. The Lord has really blessed me here in these three transfers I have in Itapuã. Its amazing to see the Lords hand in all that we do. If we allow His hand to be.... So this week was pretty tough. Yesterday I found out that a woman who I became really close to. She is a recent convert and she had about 68 years. Elder Ray my friend baptized her a year ago.... I became really close to her and helped her out a ton. She has not been well these past few months and things have just been getting worse. She would always tell me. ELder Hadley...I am not well. I am not well. We dedicated her new house I have given her a few blessings....but all of this only helped her for a short time. Anyway, she passed away Satudays such a blind side....She was doing so much better. She was at church last Sunday and we talked a ton and she was so much happier. It was really really tough to hear what had happened.... But I just found out that I will be transfered to a city called Illéus I love you all. Have a great week. The Gospel is true... Elder Hadley

May 19, 2014

Family, This week was a good one. We saw a lot of success in our area. Especially the four of us that are in this ward. It was really cool to be apart of. Transfers are this next week. Lets see what happens. It rained a ton this last week. It was nice to have it cooler but I also was literally completely soaked all day long for like three days. Better to be soaked from clean rain water than soaked from sweat. haha. I have tried ahrd to start working out hard again everyday.....thats not going so well. Seeing pics of spence and how big he is has given me some inpiration but....I am really tired...haha. This week was great. Yesterday we were invited to visit two other church meetings. These people went with us to church so we went with them as well. We went to a Jehovah Witness meeting. It was very interesting. The part I loved the most was when it ended. There were four missionaries. Me my comp and two other elders that went with us. Literally almost EVERYONE came up and talked to us and welcomed us and started teaching us and inviting us to come back. THe reception there was really good. We see the members of this church almost everyday in the streets teaching people and we dont get a whole lot of time to talk to them. But they were really kind. But I noticed they did that with the other visitors as well. Everybody would go talk to them. And they have lots of members. So it was a cool thing to see. I learned that when I get back from the mission I need to be better reaching out to those who visit or those who are new members. Members of the church have power to do what the we as missionaries do not have....Remember that. We taught some great lessons this week. I feel like I have really done better with trying my hardest to teach by the Spirit. It has been something that I have been working really hard to do these past couple of weeks. I have seen improvement in the lessons and the way people respond. I love you all. This next week will be even better than the last. Keep being good boys and girls. Elder Hadley

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

Hey family!!
This week I am pretty darn tired....haha. This was a week that we worked really hard trying to establish more of a group to work with. We finished up with our group from before and we need to find more people who are wanting the Restored Gospel. 
ITs a challenge but its worth it.
We had stake conference here this last week and that was awesome. President Andrezzo spoke and wow it was a power house talk. I only pray that the members listened and felt the same Spirit that we as missionaries felt. If they did for sure we will see a difference in the work. He also spoke to those who were visiting and if they felt the same Spirit that we felt. They will be baptized this next Saturday. haha. It was a really really good talk. Sister Andrezzo also brought the house down. 
So this week was super super hot until Sunday. Which left it difficult for us. Sunday is the day when we need everyone to go to church. Or a better way to say it is when THEY NEED to go to church for themselves. But this last Sunday came around and what happened....rain rain rain. And when it rains everyone does what? Sleeps and will not leave and walk in the rain. SO that made our Sunday a pretty sad one. haha. But Sunday night we went to a members house who has the cutest little girl named Nicole. (in English nicole). And I taught her to give the peace sign and say PEACE. haha. Just like Brooks always used to do and I feel like all of the babies that are around mom used to do or still do because if I remember correctly it is mom that teaches that to everyone....hippy....haha. No but it is really cute when she does it. We will use skype at there house so I will have her do it for you guys. Remind me! haha. 
SKype. O YA!! It will be really fun to be able to talk with you guys during Skype. I wish everyone could be there but if not thats okay. I understand. Maybe we can do what we did last time and have everyone on the phone or something. Its crazy to think that after this skype with you guys I only have one more. Time flies by. 
Hey mom my friend Elder Swift well now that he is back home its Stewart Swift would just like to know if Grandpa will be able to do their sealing or not. He would love to have Grandpa do it but understands if he cant. I think I have talked about this like fifty times and havent really gotten an answer yet so if you could get me a response on that question that would be great. haha. 
 This week we have interviews with President. It should be good. Sister Andrezzo will look at our area books. We keep it really nice and up to date BUT....she always knows how to find something wrong with it. haha. 
What else happened this week.....I cant remember. Nothing new. Just the same ol same ol missionary work. We had some great lessons where the Spirit was REALLY strong. I had a guy (this is normal) go to the window of his house and grab his bible and yell at me I ALREADY KNOW THE WORD!! DONT NEED YOU TRYING TO TEACH ME YOUR LIES!!! And in a quick reaction I gave a response that wasn't mean but wasn't nice either. haha. 
 Another man was harassing my comp when my comp was trying to teach him the Plan of Salvation and when I heard I went over there. Talked with the man kindly....haha....kind of...I just taught him sternly. And left him thinking about some things. haha. 
I really dont fight with people, honestly I dont, but sometimes there are moments where you need to teach more boldly and with more.....I dont know what the word is. haha. But I dont fight. So nobody dont send me an email saying that I shouldn't be fighting with people. haha. 

Anyway. I love you guys and I love this work. Much to learn and much to experience. Love you all and keep being good boys and girls. 

ELder Hadley

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 21, 2014

I am out of time. This week I honestly and truly forgot about the family email. It was my fault. I love you guys and I am doing well. Keep being good boys and girls!!!! I am still in Itapuã!!!

Elder Hadley

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a good one and one that we super busy and super time pressed. 

So I learned a lot about missionary work and about doing what needs to be done even in moments when you dont want to do them. I want to share an experience with you guys that isnt a happy or exciting story. Unfortunately these are the ones that we usually learn the most from. 

We had met an older woman who we taught the restoration of the gospel to and everything was going great. She even read the pamphlet two times after we had left. On thursday before conference we had marked with her to go to conference with us on Sunday at one a clock. She really wanted to hear the Prophet of the world speak to us. She was super excited when we left. We came back friday she wasnt there. We passed by 5 times on friday and 6 times on saturday to cofrim coming to pick her up but she was not home. So sunday came. We took our recent converts to priesthood session. Then we ate lunch at noon but lunch took forever and we finally got to the chapel at 1:30. I thought....we could run and maybe she will be there at her house or we could stay here and enjoy conference.....Well....we decided to stay and enjoy conference. The whole time I was thinking about her and how I should go get her but she lived a long ways away and we probably wouldnt have gotten back in time to watch anything. But then we didnt pass by her house for the afternoon session because we searched for other people. But the whole time I was thinking about her but we didnt go....
We passed by her house on Tuesday and found her....She looked sad when she saw us and apologized for not being home friday and saturday. Then she told us she has left a catholic baptism of her nephew (which is a big deal) to come and wait for us. She waited until 3:30...which means it would have given us time to go and get her for the first session and the second session. We apologized. My heart was crushed. I had never felt so bad in my life. She is an elect!!! And I didnt follow the Spirit when He was telling me to GO!!
We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she then left on vacation and said she would read the book and pray about it. Then we wrote down and explained the website of the church so that she could go watch the conference talks. She will get back the first week of May. 
I sat down on the sidewalk when we left the house and cried.....I felt so bad. I know that one day she will be baptized. BUt to know that I could be delaying this baptism and that I didnt follow the Spirit when it was so clear left me very very sad. I have ALWAYS gone out of my way and ran and ran and ran to search for people to take them to church or to make sure we visit them everyday. But this one time I just decided not to because I didnt want to miss conference.  
I learned a valuable lesson. Family, please dont do what I did. Follow the Spirit always!! Even when its the hard thing to do. Even when we may have to sacrifice something extra. Just follow it and we will be blessed and we can bless the lives of others.

That was a big lesson I learned this week. The first time this has happened to me and it will be the last time. 

We had zone conference and President Andrezzo spat fire at us (in a good way). It was one of the most powerful talks or trainings that I have ever heard in me life. haha. I have ZERO doubt that he is inspired by God and that one day we will hear him giving a talk at General Conference. Zone conference was also great because I got to see lots of missionaries that I was wanting to see. 

The Church is true. Christ lives and loves us very much. Share your testimony wherever you go and please whatever you do...ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SPIRIT. Love you all and have a great week. 

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a great one!! We were able to see the Lord blessing us and it was something we wont forget. 
I talked a little to President Andrezzo in my weekly letter about how special last monday was for our family. He wrote a very nice response to me. Included in his response he added the scripture: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:4

I am really grateful for him and for the help that he brings to each of us missionaries. The missionaries in the mission are extremely blessed to have him as our leader. He is truly inspired by God. 

So this week was a good one. We worked really really really hard and it was really really really hot. haha. My poor comp was dying. His feet are all messed up but he kept going on and never wanted to stop. Maybe its because he knew that I wouldnt let him. haha. We were able to teach over 70 lessons this week and help lots of individuals come to know about the Gospel. For my comps second week on the field, he worked really hard to help us achieve our goal. We took a great family to church and they loved it. The mom and her 5 kids. Pray for them. They need it. We are preparing a group of teenage boys for baptism and things are looking excellent. I cant even explain to you all how much the Lord has been blessing us. If we work our hardest and work our smartest, the Lord will help us with this work. 

I am weighing about 183 pounds. I think the stress and walking really fast in the heat is getting to me. haha. But thats okay. I am not too worried about it. I know that I will be able to get it all back after the least I am hoping so..... haha. 

So this Sunday we found out something a little shaky about one of our investigators. We are unsure what we will do but we are confident that everything will work out the way it should. The Lord will watch over us and them. 

I did a split with the Zone Leaders for two days. That was a lot of fun. One of them is a good friend of mine and it was him that stayed with me in our area. We got a ton done and worked really hard. Its so easy to work when you have someone who is your friend. I am grateful that I have been blessed with good companions who love to work hard and are good kids. 

I have watched the videos that Amanda sent me of Spener at pro day like 5 million times. haha. Its so cool to see. I told everybody here on the mission that my bro will play in the NFL. Now my friends on the mission want to know Spencer Hadley and want nothing to do with Elder Hadley. haha. I guess I brought that one upon myself.

I interviewed two older ladies that the sisters are teaching to be baptized and they kept on asking if they could touch my hair and my arms because they both think I look like Joseph Smith and they love Joseph Smith. And I mean LOVE Joseph. I think I said NO about 500 times that night. haha. The sisters told them jokingly that I was a a grandson of the Prophet. haha. They didnt pick up the joke and took it seriously. I had to set that one straight real quick or the interview would have been impossible to have. haha. Once I set it straight they paid close attention and stopped asking to touch my hair. haha. They love the gospel and will be baptized this saturday.

This was a great week and I am happy for the success our District has been having and is continuing to have. Its a blessing to be a part of. 

I love you all and hope you all are well. Continue to do what you know you need to do and the Lord will bless you for it. 

Love you,
Elder Hadley   


March 17, 2014

The mission has turned me into a bigger drama queen than I already was. haha. I am sitting her crying like a baby hearing about how Spencer did. I am so proud of him. I sit back and think a lot about how blessed I am to have the siblings and parents that I have. Especially being here has opened my eyes even more. I cant imagine where I would be without all of you guys. Thank you for everything. 
So as everyone knows today is Carsons birthday. Its interesting because today being his birthday it doesnt make me think any more or less about him. THere hasnt been one day since the accident that I havent thought about him. Not one day. Maybe that has to do with the chains around my beck but even without these dog tags I believe thoughts of him everyday could be said with all of you. Let us remember that tears will fall and nights of little or no sleep with still be had thinking about how much we miss him and how much we want to see him again. But my prayer is that none of us ever forget that there will come a day (and it is coming much faster than any of us think) that we wont miss him anymore and we will see him again. We know the truth. Let us hold onto it. And dont ever let it go. 
The Lord loves us and wants us to be happy. Trust in Him. Study His words. We as members of the church testify that we know that He lives and that because He lives we also will live again, together. So my only hope and prayer for all of us as a family is to stay firm to our testimonys and to not only share them but live them. 
I think often of the times I had with Carson. It always brings tears and a big smile to my face. haha. But you want to know whats interesting....I find myself thinking more of the times I am going to have with him. And with all of you. The Plan of Happiness is real. We can be together forever. 

I dont have a whole lot to say this week. I know that it is really short. I pormise that I will write another big one next week. This week was a good one and we sw the Lord blessing our work and answering our prayers. Prayer is real and has more power than I knew. My new comp is great. I will send some pictures if it works. Love you all. The Lord loves you. Dont forget that. 

ELder Hadley

March 10, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a good one. We recieved our transfers and I will be staying here and will start training another missionary. I am excited and feel like I need to be here for at least a little while longer to finish some things. It is easy to see that our President is inspired of God. 
Elder Swift my great friend here on the mission is going home this week. I can believe it. Its crazy to see all of these older missionaries that helped ya out so much and with whom you built such strong friendships, go home before you do. Its just part of the mission though. Mom you didnt respond about if it would still be possible for Grandpa to seal Swift and his wife. Just let me know what Grandpa says. 
So this week was a good one. I thought I was going to get transferred but deep down inside of me I knew that I was going to stay. And when it comes down to it. I am really happy that I will stay. This ward is a great one and the area is even better. 
So this week was cool. We had interviews and house checks. Our house won Reino Celestial. haha. Because it was so dang clean. It was tough for people to win the highest kingdom. We were one of the few on the mission. Then we had interviews with President. I love talking with President. I always feel so excited about the work after interviews with him. He and sister Andrezzo have a great spirit about them that just maked you happy to be around with them and talk with them. Tomorrow I will spend all day in their house waiting for the new missionaried to arrive so that will be cool. They always make pancakes for breakfest when we go there. haha. Thats what I am talking about. 
We had some great lessons this week. We committed this family to marriage and now we are talking about a date. haha. Its an exciting thing to ba apart of. We taught about temples and eternal marriage and chastity. They understood that they were sinning. We left that very clear. They have to repent. If the people that we are not teaching do not FULLY understand that they are sinning, why would they repent? And if they do not repent, they cannot see the blessings of the Gospel. Blessings from our Father in Heaven are given to us when we repent and do what is right. It doesnt matter if we are members of the church or not. Thats how it is and how it always will be. So we are really excited to see them progress. I will keep  you updated. 
We found some great people who are wanting to learn more about the gospel. It will be fun to continue to teach. 
So anyway. My week was a good one and it was full of the same old missionary stuff. Lots of walking and talking with literally everyone. I could give you guys every story and every experience but then I wouldnt have any to tell you when I get home. haha. Love you all and hope all is goind well. Be safe and be good!!

Elder Hadley

PS I will need to see a pic of pat standing next to mom to believe that he is almost taller than her. haha

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014

I love you all and hope all is well. I miss you all very much. 
Life here is great. The Lord is really blessing this area. It is easy to see His love that He has for His children here on earth. I have a strong testimony that He is present in ALL  places at ALL times. Dont ever forget that. 
This week was a great week. We are teaching some great people and are helping many understand the Gospel of Christ. We have been working with a family who is not married but we are working with them on the whole marriage thing. This week will be a big week because we are going to work on getting their documents. So pray hard that all will go well. I will keep you posted on them. The husband wants to know if he can come and work for you dad. hahaha. He is a really hard worker and has always wanted to work on a farm. I told him I would talk to my dad. haha. 
We are working with a great group of young men right now. We are excited to see them progressing. The new rule of Brazil, I might have already told you but I will say it again, is that a kid under the age of 16 has so go to church at least 12 times before he or she can be baptized or he or she has to go a good number of times and have an interview with the Bishop if he or she is to be baptized before attending church 12 times. So with these young men who are all under 16. 13-15 are their ages. We are going to get them to chuch a few more times then have their interviews because they are wanting to be baptized now. haha. They are great young men who have a huge desire to follow Christ. We will continue to work with them as well. 
So last pday we went to say goodbye to our Bishop because he is moving to São Paulo. I talked to his daughter who had to come home early from a mission due to health problems and she started talking about eveyone in my district at the MTC in São Paulo. And I asked her, Wait if you knew them you should have known me. But she didnt remember and neither did I. Then the conversation continued and I jsut sat quiet thinking about the MTC and I remembered one day a Sister missionary came up to me and asked where I was going to serve. When I told her where I was going she told me in English that she has a dad that is a Bishop in Salvador and I need to go visit her family and that was the only time I saw her and forgot about it until that night at Bishops make a long story short we discovered that it was her that came up and told me that. So she invited me to come meet her dad and family and one year later I was able to meet them and she was there too. Its a pretty crazy story. Well at least I thought. haha. We all couldnt believe it. Its a small world but I think the church makes it even smaller. Anyway. That was kind of funny this week. 
I have been studying Jesus the Christ again and am loving it. I cant put it down. Study the scriptures and the words of the Prophets!!
This week we have interviews with President and Sister. They are visiting all of the houses to do a clean check. Good thing ours is clean. haha. It really is. 
Anyway, so my week was great. Congrats everyone with the babies that will be coming soon. I love you all and have a great week!! Remember that the Lord loves you!! 

Elder Hadley

Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

So this week was a really really hot week. I mean really hot. I have never felt this type of heat before. haha. And it was also a pretty stressful week. 
We were able to meet some great people but when Sunday came. Instead of the 20 people we had planned to go with us to church. Only 5 went with us. We are really happy with the 5 that went but we really thought that we would be able to get a lot more. But thats normal. 
Anna is having some troubles. She started out really great but is having some difficulties with a desire to follow Christ. She is also studying with other churches. She went to church with us yesterday. I dont know how much she liked it but we will talk to here today. Its really heart breaking when you see peole who you come to really care about slip away and lose a desire to follow Christ. 
Missionary work is a great work to be apart of. But one that is not the easiest. And I think thats part of the reason why it makes it so great. I think that is why this life and this plan that our Father in Heaven has created for us is so great. Think of how little we would learn and how unexciting life would be if it were easy. 
I did a division with one of the LZs this week. We had a good time and were able to work really hard. He was my LZ in the other zone and he moved when I moved. It was good to work with him again. 
We were able to teach a woman this week who is planning a wedding with her husband. She and her husband the entire lesson were saying how much light that we Elders had and how much they loved just being around us. We had a powerful and very spiritual lesson about the restoration of the gospel. They want us to help them with their wedding. We are praying really hard that everything will go well and they will end up being baptized and then off to the temple. Thats the goal we as missionaries should have. 
I love you all. Sorry this letter is short but I dont have a whole lot to say. haha. Keep being good boys and girls. Love you all!

Elder Hadley

Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

Hey family!! HOw are you all doing!! I am doing great. Its super hot here so enjoy the cold. My skin will never be white again and the mosquitos and the heat make it almost impossible to sleep at night. haha. But that cant even stop the missionaries here in this mission stop from loving it. This mission has great missionaries and they work really hard. I am grateful to be a part of it all.
Just a side note, mom take some sweet pictures of the farm and send them to me if you could? LIke of the horses and the sheep and when the lambs start to come and also the cows. For sure. Everyone here is wanting to see pictures of our farm. They like the idea that we are farmers. I am not sure why? haha. Just kidding. Farming is the way to go. It really is. That would be great if you coudl do that. Thank you mother. 
So this week was great. We were able to get a good amount of people to church this sunday. It felt good to have people walking with us to church. It always does but this sunday it felt really good. Maybe because it was raining and it was a little bit cooler. That may have something do to with it. Church went great. Until the very end.....Our investigator Anna....55. We found her last wednesday and she LOVED church. There are some steps that are really steep and pretty high right in front of our beautiful chapel. And she fell from the stop step and touched nothing until her face smaced on the ground at the very bottom of the steps. I thought for sure she got knocked out. Me and my comp ran over and picked her up both of us expecting to see a destroyed cheek bone and teeth that had falling out. BUt she jumped right up totally fine and yelled JESUS IS MY SAVIOR!!!! haha. It was super sweet!! She had a little blood in her mouth and a scraped up arm and leg and for sure she will be sore the next few days. But she is okay. I seriously thought that she might have been knocked out or dead. She fell face first and I mean fell hard. I dont know how she was okay like she was. We went inside cleaned her up and gave her some water. Then we walked her home. But she was fine the whole time. After lunch we passed by and she wasnt home. That left us a little nervous but we will go by there tonight to talk to her. She is alright. She said she has strong african ancestors. haha. And she has more muscle than I did when I was in great shape. haha. Well....good shape...haha. I have always been kind of fat and soft. 
But the week was really good. We are working in a different area. We first tried close to the church with all of the really big rich person houses. And we left and went back to the more humble area. This ward is a great one. I love the people here. We taught this Anna lady how to pray. She said all 55 years of her life nobody cared to teach her and she said she hasnt said a real prayer. Not even one time in her life. So I told her she was going to pray. It was on Thrusday. She was super embarrassed and said that she wouldnt. So we taught her how to do it. Then I said she needed to pray or nobody will talk to God after our lesson. hahaha. Just a little loving pressure.... Anyway then I folded my arms and bowed my head. Then my comp did. And she sat there for a while laughing saying that she wouldnt. But we didnt move a muscle. We just sat there. haha. Finally after 5 minutes she started to pray. Then she got quite and was crying and crying. Then finished. Then told us how amazing she felt and how she will start to pray every day. It was a blessing to see and The Spirit was very strong. 
The power of prayer is very real and very important. That is exactly why Cali and Utah are haveing the fasts and PRAYERS. It is very powerful and Our Heavenly Father WANTS to hear from us whenever He can. Dont forget to pray, family! The Savior Himslef prayed, If He needed it you better believe that we need it. 

Love you all and have a great week!!

3 Nephi 18:19-21

Elder Hadley

Feb 3, 2014

Hey family!
So its a little bit weird that now the entire world knows about what happened with me last, amanda.....Big mouths....haha. 
Sophia was born!!! Wow!! What a way to make a missionary want to go home!! haha. She is adorable and I am so glad that you all are okay! What a blessing to have in our lives. So she was born groundhogs day right? She looks like a little chunky groundhog. Probably because she looks like G....
So I am so glad to hear all is well with you guys and others back home. It brings a lot of comfort to know that you are all doing okay. I miss you all and think of you often. 
So this new area is a great one. Its a little more calm so dont worry mom. haha. I will be okay. We have a beautiful chapel here. Thats always nice. A chapel with AC because I cant even explain how hot it has been this last it was killer temp. Straight sun sun sun sun. Its something that you cant explain. haha. I have lost quite a bit of weight. I dont eat a whole lot becuase I dont find myself with a whole lot of time. Its like I would rather be doing other things. I dont workout everyday like I should because I am so dang tired. I wake up at 6;30 and drink a glass of chocolate milk to wake me up then take a shower to cool off. Then start reading. I should start to wrokout again....
So this week was a good one. There are some great people in this area. There have been some missionaries that have just been baptizing children when they passed by here in this area so we have a really high number of members but not a high numbers of active members. I have been thinking about some ideas that I think will help. We will have a meeting with the ward mission leader this week. Its a great ward that has lots of potential to grow. They will help us if we ask. My district is us. The zone leaders and two sets of sisters. haha. The sisters work super hard and are super obedient and the zone leaders work hard as well. Its a cool district to be in. I miss the missionaries from my other house. I hope they are all doing well. I am sure they are. 
So this week we were blessed to meet some great people and teach some great people. We were also blessed to help a little family enter into the waters of baptism. I dont mention my baptisms very much but I just want to talk about them. The 8 year old son holds onto my arm and never lets it go when I am around. haha. I have one week here and I am not sure why this kid loves me so much but he does. haha. During his confirmation I felt the Spirit so strong as I was giving him the blessing I almost started to cry. He will one day serve a mission. I have no doubt about that. I have never met an 8 year old boy who didnt grow up in the church have such a desire to learn about Christ. He knows the bible better than I do. It was a great weekend. 
We are going to continue to work hard and do what we need to do to help ALL come unto Christ. I invite you all to do the same. Love you all!! Be safe!

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Tudo bem!
How are you my beloved family!? The work is going well here in our area. It has come to a little stop these past few weeks and that always makes things a little bit tough. But it is all part of the learning experience. It is exactly what helps us as missionaries progress and move forward and it also helps us know what we need to do to help our investigators or future investigators. 

So this week was a tough one. Elder Elliott was sick again and we had to miss out on a day of work...again... But its all good. Elder Swift our LZ came and did his two day division with our district. That was pretty darn sweet as always. (Elder Swift is the one who asked if Gpa clyde could do the sealing for him and his gf when he gets back). So that was sweet. It was kind of funny because Elder Elliott is a really really good kid and a great missionary. But he doesnt pay attention to lots of things of the world that are going on around him. haha. He is a lot like Amanda...oh man whats that word...seriously I cant remember the word....He is always viajando....uhh. Like he is. Oblivious! yes! Thats what it is. Okay so he is oblivious to what is going on around him. We were knocking doors and a group of like 6 guys with these huge hand guns in their hands were posted up just chilling on some stairs. We keep on going acting like everything is normal. haha. But these guys do NOT like loud noises or people being annoying and loud in front of them....I know this because they already told me....well not this group but another group in a situation just like this. Anyway my comp doesnt realize they are even there and he just starts clapping away as loud as he can yelling into houses to see if anyone is home. One of the guys stands up looking right at us...Keep in mind that my comp still does not know they are even there with hand guns..... And I am just thinking.. O great, we are going to get punished. I hope I have some cash on me to give to him. haha. And then they heard some yelling up the top of the stairs. So he looked up the top of the stairs and some of there buddies were calling them. So they took off up the stairs....Whew!! It was a close one. haha. It was funny. He wouldn't have hurt us so dont worry mom. Most likely would have just asked to see our ID and maybe took some cash. But even then. All of the guys really like the missionaries so he probably wouldn't have even done that. I am 100% safe. Everyone knows me by name, I have 7 months in this area. haha. But the point of this story is to just let you know that we had a funny experience because my comp is a boss who doesnt think about a lot of things that COULD happen. He is from Springville that could explain some things. 

Anyway. On Saturday I got really really sick. That wasnt too much fun. We went out to work and the Lord gave me strength for a few hours to visit the people we really needed to visit. Then when I started to have to sit down. That is when we decided to go home. I thought Sunday was going to be really rough. But I woke up feeling much better and we were able to get people to church and now this Saturday should be a good one for us. The last Saturday in this area. Crazy! 7 months in the ward of Bandeirantes. I will miss a lot of people. But I am also ready to get out.

Anyway so that is a little bit about this week. This week we woke up early and went to the Barra. Google it. Its sweet. But no we did not go on the beach part. We went to the light house and watched the sunrise drank chimarrão. It was awesome. I will send some pictures. I love you guys!!! You guys are awesome! i am praying for you all. Help the missionaries in your areas! They need it!!

Elder Hadley 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

So this week was a good and bad one. Bad because we didnt have the end result that we were looking for. But good because we were able to see the hand of the Lord. 
I hope your weekend was a great one. Filled with love in your hearts for the tender mercies of the Lord. 
So we were not able to get a whole lot of people to church on Sunday. That was kind of crappy. But something really cool happened Saturday night then Sunday morning that helped me feel better about our week. Elder Borges got asked to go do a baptism in another area that he had already worked in. It was Borges who started teaching this kid. His comp was sick so I went with him. We were on our way and before we got to the bus we got a call saying the kid didnt want to be baptized anymore and his mom doesnt want him to anymore and they had heard tons of garbage about the doctrine of the church. So almost to the point of the bus I told Borges that he and I should go and talk to this kid and get him baptized saturday night. He agreed. So we jumped on the bus and went over to the area. We got there and had a great talk with this kid. It started out that he was not going to be baptized and that his mom did not want him to. After Borges and I teaching and the Spirit testifying like crazy they started to warm up again. We created a friendship with the mom really quickly and with the kid. Borges already had one with him but it had been a long time since they had seen each other. Anyway to answer there questions the Spirit was able to guide us to different passages in The Book of Mormon to answer their questions. After reading and testifying I asked the young boy what he was thinking. The Spirit was so strong you guys. It really was. And he said to me, Elder Hadley. I want to be baptized. I know I need to be. Then I turned to the mom and talked to her and asked how she feels about this. She said that it would be the best thing for him (and she is super super strong in her church, that made things even harder). But she then asked if instead of doing it that night if we could do it sunday morning. This woman missed out on some work to go watch her sons baptism. It was an amazing experience to be able to be apart of. Ya it wasnt my baptism in my area. BUt it was a baptism. And it was a baptism of a young man who was really prepared. What a tender mercy from the Lord. 
My comp was sick on Tuesday. That is the worst thing in the world. Staying inside all day when you know that you have so much to do. As tired as you are it is not possible to sleep at all because you are so anxious about the people you are teaching. But Borges and Izatt visited some of them for us. Izatt got sick afterwards. But he is doing a lot better now. They both are. It was a good week. Like I said, we didnt get a whole lot to church like we normally do. And our baptism this week wont happen because she wasnt able to go to church because of a stupid emergency call to work. BUT, with all of that we are still happy because we are able to see the Lord in our everyday lives. And what a blessing it is to me to be able to not only see it here but see it at home. Its great to hear that all is well with you guys. I love you all so very much. 

Mom I will get a scripture for the plaque next week. You dont need to send anymore stuff for my hives. haha. I will survive. If they get out of control i will tell you and you guys can send it. But I have too much stuff to try and fit in my bags now. haha. 

Love you all and have a great week! 
Elder Hadley!