Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th, 2014

So this week was a super fast week and it was really really busy. We were able to get a lot done and find and teach somegreat people. I will tell you about someone we just started to teach who went to church with us this last week. Leo is 20 years old and is really good. He is super excited about the book of mormon. He lives with some members which is helping a lot. These past few months I have changed a lot of the way I work. I still knock doors because I love doing it. A lot. But I decided to take on the challenge that Russell M. Nelson gave to the mission presidents here in Brasil. If we work more with recent converts and less actives. We will find more people to baptize. It has really helped my last area and this area see more success and get the members involved. It has really been a blessing to see. It was hard to make these changes I wont lie...cause I really like knocking doors. But it is working really well and is helping a lot.
So Leo is progressing really well as long as a few others. We have a really solid group that is going to church with us or by themselves. Its fun to see investigators slowly go from needing you to pass by and get them to going alone. Its cool. I also decided to assign members in the ward to go pass by and walk with people to church. Its helping out a lot.

This last saturday we had a talent show and american pancake night....Me and Elder Hedworth, another American in this ward (from New York) made lots and lots and lots of pancakes and syrup. haha. It was lots of fun.
Me and my comp are doing well. No complaints....haha. We were able to have lots of super spiritual lessons this week and see lots of missionaries as well as me and my comp have miracles happen. The mission is full of learning and growing.
I have been teaching English for the past few weeks and it has been really fun.
Thats about all that I can think of that has been going on. We will travel to Salvador for a couple of days then come back to our area on wednesday. Love you guys and have a great week. Remember who you are!!

ELder Hadley

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Family, This week was an amzing week. I did a split with one of my favorite people on the planet, Elder Pirillo from Florida. He stayed with me for the whole week while my comp went to stay in an area that was actually his first area on the mission. This week was full of miracles for everyone. Especially us. I will have to tell you guys about all of them when I get home. But one of our baptisms this last Saturday was a lady who is 87!!! haha. We finally helped her to stop smoking. She is amazing!! We were able to baptize her daughter last month and they are the two best ladies on the planet. They never miss church and wont. They listen to the book of mormon on CD everyday for HOURS. haha. They are awesome. Great people here in this area. We are still working with an amazing family who is REALLY close to entering into the waters and being members of the church. It is so awesome to be apart of. These past few days it has been tough to buy things in the store and make contacts in the street...everyone thinks I am German....haha. I have already been threatened to get my face beat in. I have never been more proud to say that I AM AN AMERICAN. haha. Its saved me from a butt whoopin. haha. But now I have kind of just accepted it and sometimes I tell people I am German and brag to them....but its chill. Nobody will do anything. Lots of them joke around with me. Only a couple of times they wouldnt accept me at their cash register to buy something or let me invite them to church....O well. What can ya do? haha. Thanks mom and dad for the super blonde hair and blue eyes....haha. It was a great week!!! ANyway I love you all. Tell April to keep her head up. SHe is doing awesome!!! Love you all, ELder Hadley

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

So this week was a fantastic week for us!! We are teaching 3 legally married famalies and got them all to church for the second time yesterday!!!! I cant even tell you how thrilled we are. I love everyone that I teach and have the honor of helping be baptized. But teaching and helping famalies into the waters of Baptism is something....man I cant even fully explain it. This week was great.
I traveled a lot....I was going around doing interviews for baptisms for other missionaries in our zone. We have great missionaries that work very very hard and who have a huge desire to baptize! If you teach with the Spirit, you are obedient, and you have desire and faith....you will be able to help many gain a testimony of the gospel. I love this work.
Love you all,
elder Hadley

Brazil vs Chile

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