Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 13th, 2013

I will get on a little later today. I am sure you are all sleeping. It was so great to see and hear you all. Cant tell you how much I needed that. Sorry for getting emotional last night, that wasnt my intention. I just cant tell you how grateful I am for you guys and for Eternal Famalies. Its such a blessing....
I love you all and hope you have a good week.!
O ya and Mom, Amanda, Michelle, and Nicole!! Happy Mothers Day!! I forgot to tell you all! haha.
Elder Hadley

May 6th, 2013

So I dont have much time so I might be quick but I will let you know what happened a little this week. 
So lots of more crazy experiences happened to me and some things I have never seen before. Some very good and some very bad. I wont talk about the bad things. For another time maybe. But Lets talk about the good things. 
We are working very hard with three investigators. Valdomir, Luis, Vanderlei. 
Valdomir is a man who after reading with him in the BOok of Mormon this week we asked him to pray about it right there with us. He gave a very heart felt and powerful prayer. When he was done we were all silent for close to 5 minutes. He then told us he has a feeling in his heart he cant describe. He knows the church is true and he has to be baptized. But.....He didnt come to church....Im heart Broken...We will stop by to see what happened tonight. 
Luis, this is a man who wants to change his life. This guy walked from São Paulo to Porto Seguro. He WALKED, it took him 6 months. He walked with a Bible and a journal to write about his account. He wants to be better so badly. He has such a strong testimony. He knows the Church is true. He has read lots of the Book of Mormon. But we stopped by his house yesterday as well. And....Nothing. He wasnt even home. We had made plans with him to go to church with him. And he wasnt home. Again...Very Heart Broken. We will also stop by tonight to see whats going on. 
Vanderlei. 10 years old. He came to church with his Grandmother. This kid loves me. haha. We talk all the time even though he always tells me I talk funny. haha. I have been teaching him to practice my Portuguese. He asked me two days ago if I will baptize him. ha. So I baptize him on the 18th of this month. Great kid who is very very shy but always talks to me. ha. Good kid. His family is awesome. I think his mom and dad will be baptized as well. We have just started tot teach them. 

It was a hard working week but it could always be better. Very very very hot. haha. And I am told this is normal. This isnt even the hottest. Wait till summer. I sweat all day and all night. O well. I am used to it now. I love you all and hope all is well. keep being good boys and good girls. I am thrilled for April and Crystal and Hannah. What amazing young women. The Lord will bless them very much for their service. 

Again I love you all. And tell Brett Clyde I will kill him because I havent heard from him. And thats a promise. Okay I am going to try to send pics now. love you all. 

Elder Hadley.