Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a great one!! We were able to see the Lord blessing us and it was something we wont forget. 
I talked a little to President Andrezzo in my weekly letter about how special last monday was for our family. He wrote a very nice response to me. Included in his response he added the scripture: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:4

I am really grateful for him and for the help that he brings to each of us missionaries. The missionaries in the mission are extremely blessed to have him as our leader. He is truly inspired by God. 

So this week was a good one. We worked really really really hard and it was really really really hot. haha. My poor comp was dying. His feet are all messed up but he kept going on and never wanted to stop. Maybe its because he knew that I wouldnt let him. haha. We were able to teach over 70 lessons this week and help lots of individuals come to know about the Gospel. For my comps second week on the field, he worked really hard to help us achieve our goal. We took a great family to church and they loved it. The mom and her 5 kids. Pray for them. They need it. We are preparing a group of teenage boys for baptism and things are looking excellent. I cant even explain to you all how much the Lord has been blessing us. If we work our hardest and work our smartest, the Lord will help us with this work. 

I am weighing about 183 pounds. I think the stress and walking really fast in the heat is getting to me. haha. But thats okay. I am not too worried about it. I know that I will be able to get it all back after the mission....at least I am hoping so..... haha. 

So this Sunday we found out something a little shaky about one of our investigators. We are unsure what we will do but we are confident that everything will work out the way it should. The Lord will watch over us and them. 

I did a split with the Zone Leaders for two days. That was a lot of fun. One of them is a good friend of mine and it was him that stayed with me in our area. We got a ton done and worked really hard. Its so easy to work when you have someone who is your friend. I am grateful that I have been blessed with good companions who love to work hard and are good kids. 

I have watched the videos that Amanda sent me of Spener at pro day like 5 million times. haha. Its so cool to see. I told everybody here on the mission that my bro will play in the NFL. Now my friends on the mission want to know Spencer Hadley and want nothing to do with Elder Hadley. haha. I guess I brought that one upon myself.

I interviewed two older ladies that the sisters are teaching to be baptized and they kept on asking if they could touch my hair and my arms because they both think I look like Joseph Smith and they love Joseph Smith. And I mean LOVE Joseph. I think I said NO about 500 times that night. haha. The sisters told them jokingly that I was a a grandson of the Prophet. haha. They didnt pick up the joke and took it seriously. I had to set that one straight real quick or the interview would have been impossible to have. haha. Once I set it straight they paid close attention and stopped asking to touch my hair. haha. They love the gospel and will be baptized this saturday.

This was a great week and I am happy for the success our District has been having and is continuing to have. Its a blessing to be a part of. 

I love you all and hope you all are well. Continue to do what you know you need to do and the Lord will bless you for it. 

Love you,
Elder Hadley   


March 17, 2014

The mission has turned me into a bigger drama queen than I already was. haha. I am sitting her crying like a baby hearing about how Spencer did. I am so proud of him. I sit back and think a lot about how blessed I am to have the siblings and parents that I have. Especially being here has opened my eyes even more. I cant imagine where I would be without all of you guys. Thank you for everything. 
So as everyone knows today is Carsons birthday. Its interesting because today being his birthday it doesnt make me think any more or less about him. THere hasnt been one day since the accident that I havent thought about him. Not one day. Maybe that has to do with the chains around my beck but even without these dog tags I believe thoughts of him everyday could be said with all of you. Let us remember that tears will fall and nights of little or no sleep with still be had thinking about how much we miss him and how much we want to see him again. But my prayer is that none of us ever forget that there will come a day (and it is coming much faster than any of us think) that we wont miss him anymore and we will see him again. We know the truth. Let us hold onto it. And dont ever let it go. 
The Lord loves us and wants us to be happy. Trust in Him. Study His words. We as members of the church testify that we know that He lives and that because He lives we also will live again, together. So my only hope and prayer for all of us as a family is to stay firm to our testimonys and to not only share them but live them. 
I think often of the times I had with Carson. It always brings tears and a big smile to my face. haha. But you want to know whats interesting....I find myself thinking more of the times I am going to have with him. And with all of you. The Plan of Happiness is real. We can be together forever. 

I dont have a whole lot to say this week. I know that it is really short. I pormise that I will write another big one next week. This week was a good one and we sw the Lord blessing our work and answering our prayers. Prayer is real and has more power than I knew. My new comp is great. I will send some pictures if it works. Love you all. The Lord loves you. Dont forget that. 

ELder Hadley

March 10, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a good one. We recieved our transfers and I will be staying here and will start training another missionary. I am excited and feel like I need to be here for at least a little while longer to finish some things. It is easy to see that our President is inspired of God. 
Elder Swift my great friend here on the mission is going home this week. I can believe it. Its crazy to see all of these older missionaries that helped ya out so much and with whom you built such strong friendships, go home before you do. Its just part of the mission though. Mom you didnt respond about if it would still be possible for Grandpa to seal Swift and his wife. Just let me know what Grandpa says. 
So this week was a good one. I thought I was going to get transferred but deep down inside of me I knew that I was going to stay. And when it comes down to it. I am really happy that I will stay. This ward is a great one and the area is even better. 
So this week was cool. We had interviews and house checks. Our house won Reino Celestial. haha. Because it was so dang clean. It was tough for people to win the highest kingdom. We were one of the few on the mission. Then we had interviews with President. I love talking with President. I always feel so excited about the work after interviews with him. He and sister Andrezzo have a great spirit about them that just maked you happy to be around with them and talk with them. Tomorrow I will spend all day in their house waiting for the new missionaried to arrive so that will be cool. They always make pancakes for breakfest when we go there. haha. Thats what I am talking about. 
We had some great lessons this week. We committed this family to marriage and now we are talking about a date. haha. Its an exciting thing to ba apart of. We taught about temples and eternal marriage and chastity. They understood that they were sinning. We left that very clear. They have to repent. If the people that we are not teaching do not FULLY understand that they are sinning, why would they repent? And if they do not repent, they cannot see the blessings of the Gospel. Blessings from our Father in Heaven are given to us when we repent and do what is right. It doesnt matter if we are members of the church or not. Thats how it is and how it always will be. So we are really excited to see them progress. I will keep  you updated. 
We found some great people who are wanting to learn more about the gospel. It will be fun to continue to teach. 
So anyway. My week was a good one and it was full of the same old missionary stuff. Lots of walking and talking with literally everyone. I could give you guys every story and every experience but then I wouldnt have any to tell you when I get home. haha. Love you all and hope all is goind well. Be safe and be good!!

Elder Hadley

PS I will need to see a pic of pat standing next to mom to believe that he is almost taller than her. haha

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014

I love you all and hope all is well. I miss you all very much. 
Life here is great. The Lord is really blessing this area. It is easy to see His love that He has for His children here on earth. I have a strong testimony that He is present in ALL  places at ALL times. Dont ever forget that. 
This week was a great week. We are teaching some great people and are helping many understand the Gospel of Christ. We have been working with a family who is not married but we are working with them on the whole marriage thing. This week will be a big week because we are going to work on getting their documents. So pray hard that all will go well. I will keep you posted on them. The husband wants to know if he can come and work for you dad. hahaha. He is a really hard worker and has always wanted to work on a farm. I told him I would talk to my dad. haha. 
We are working with a great group of young men right now. We are excited to see them progressing. The new rule of Brazil, I might have already told you but I will say it again, is that a kid under the age of 16 has so go to church at least 12 times before he or she can be baptized or he or she has to go a good number of times and have an interview with the Bishop if he or she is to be baptized before attending church 12 times. So with these young men who are all under 16. 13-15 are their ages. We are going to get them to chuch a few more times then have their interviews because they are wanting to be baptized now. haha. They are great young men who have a huge desire to follow Christ. We will continue to work with them as well. 
So last pday we went to say goodbye to our Bishop because he is moving to São Paulo. I talked to his daughter who had to come home early from a mission due to health problems and she started talking about eveyone in my district at the MTC in São Paulo. And I asked her, Wait if you knew them you should have known me. But she didnt remember and neither did I. Then the conversation continued and I jsut sat quiet thinking about the MTC and I remembered one day a Sister missionary came up to me and asked where I was going to serve. When I told her where I was going she told me in English that she has a dad that is a Bishop in Salvador and I need to go visit her family and that was the only time I saw her and forgot about it until that night at Bishops house.....to make a long story short we discovered that it was her that came up and told me that. So she invited me to come meet her dad and family and one year later I was able to meet them and she was there too. Its a pretty crazy story. Well at least I thought. haha. We all couldnt believe it. Its a small world but I think the church makes it even smaller. Anyway. That was kind of funny this week. 
I have been studying Jesus the Christ again and am loving it. I cant put it down. Study the scriptures and the words of the Prophets!!
This week we have interviews with President and Sister. They are visiting all of the houses to do a clean check. Good thing ours is clean. haha. It really is. 
Anyway, so my week was great. Congrats everyone with the babies that will be coming soon. I love you all and have a great week!! Remember that the Lord loves you!! 

Elder Hadley