Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 24, 2013

Good week this last week. We had some great lessons with some great people. The work is still kind of slow but Miracles always will occur after the trial of our faith right?

So the language has made a huge stride. And Its been arriving well for me. We are teaching some great investigators and they are slowly progressing. Its tough to get them to church but we are working on it.

So our street outside our house always plays music really loud. The same 5 songs all day and all night. BUt this last week I have been getting classic rock and motown. Along with lots of Shania twain and alan jackson. haha. And its always the loudest during my personal study. Not Cool. Almost impossible to focus cause I just want to sing a long. Especially when James Browns, This is a mans world, comes on. hahaha. I have been singing that all week and my cmomp wants to kill me. And then Celene Dions Titanic song comes on and you already know I am singing that all day. haha. They will even play the whole ricky soundtrack and I want to strap on the tie and teach the entire city. hahaha. So there are some pros and cons to the music.

I love this area. I dont want to leave. Hopefully I can stay longer but we get our transfers next week so who knows what will happen? Anyway, I love you all and hope you are all being safe and doing well. I am obssesed with the iogurte here. Its amazing. They have flavors of fruits I have never heard of. haha. I eat iogurte with my quaker oatmeal mixed with corn flakes and I cut bannans in it every morning for breakfast and for dinner. Its too good. Honestly, all of the food is good here.
We found we still have rats living with us So I put on my Dual Survival thinking cap and created three amazing traps with trip wires today. I know they will work. haha. Our bate is unreal.

Anyway I love you all and I hope you are being good. Stay safe. Love you

Elder Hadley

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 10, 2013

So this week was a great week. We met a lot of great people and had some fantastic lessons taught. I hope all is well with you.
So it was hot really hot until wednesday and it has rained ever since. Reminds me of when Rich and I were driving through Misouri on our trip together. Crazy rain. So we met a family and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and the mother of the family wanted one and said in one week she would ahve it read. We have never had someone accept it that quickly. We check up on them tomorrow. Hopefully she at least read the part we assigned. The Spirit was really working in the lesson.
So Friday comes and President and Sister Andrezzo stopped by and had interviews. They said our house was the cleanest they had seen. Naturally. So we come home Friday night and Right as I turn on this light I see this rat dart in our room. The hunt was on. He climbed up in my bed through the bottom. Then he darted in Elder Silvas. So we flipped the bed upside down and out he comes. He takes off out into the main room where Elder Silva was, thats when I yelled (Silva, Contact!!!) hahaha. Too much call of duty. So Silva takes some swings and misses. The rat jumps up on the matress we had placed to block a door way to the kitchen. And wham!! I bring the hammer of Thor on him right as he got to the top and lights out. Thats when I yelled (Tango down...) hahaha. Again, too much call of duty. we we took care of this guy. He had lived under our beds for some time. Elder Silva found 20 reis (money) under his bed. haha. score.
So it was a great Spiritual week with great lessons and we also got a kill. Love you guys and be safe.

elder Hadley

June 3, 2013

Mom I love you so much. Stay strong. Hey just go listen to Blake Sheltons song Baby. I know its sad ending. haha. But...Its our song. So go listen to it. It will make you feel better. I have been singing it all week.
So family,
I love you all and hope all is well. This week was hot..really hot. Until Friday adn Saturday the weather decided to dump gallons and gallons of rain. Friday I was not prepared for it so I was soaked all day. We had two come to church this Sunday!!! About time. They both are young men adn have great Spirits. Amazing to see the Lord work his miracles. I felt the Spirit so stron in some of our lessons this week. I testify that God is very aware of each one of His children. And will bear testimony to them if they are ready for it.
So that sums up my week. I have some more dunk guys and anti americans get in my face a time or two. But instead of giving them a push out of my way I have decided to teach them the gospel and invite them to church. haha.
So this week I studied 2 times Alma 17-28.
Family, Study these chapters this week for me will you? There are power and in the words written in these chapters. Study them will real intent and really paying attention to every verse. I wept like a child reading about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis. And the thing is. I have read about them many times. But I dont know. I just found some things in there that I didnt before. Study these chapters and have a desire to know them well. They can teach us missionaries how to be better missionaries. And they teach us Saints how to be better Saints.
Scriptures for the day: Alma 28:6 and 12. Study and ponder them. I would tell you what I got from them but then you wouldnt read them yourselves. Find joy and comfort in these scriptures.
Okay actually I want to talk about them a little bit. But you still need to read them.
Verse 6: I want to testify of the power of a true fast and prayer. And how even when we are in our darkest or or brightest times. We should use it. Prophets from the time of Adam have taught to fast and pray. The Savior HImself, the very Redeemer of all manking went into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. (And it is my belief he fasted often throughout His ministry. It says in Matt 4:1 (JST) He went to the Wilderness to be with God. I testify that real and intense fasting and prayer brings us closer to our Father in Heaven. Something we all need, always. If the very Son of God thought it was important to fast, I think it is important. If He found strength in fasting and praying. And He is a God. No question we as mortals men and women can find Strenght Beyond Our Own.

Verse 12: These people lost many loved ones in war. After Fasting and Praying. They were able to rejoice knowing they will be raised with God in a neverending state of happiness. The loss of our precious Carson eats at our souls. And no doubt will until we can hold him in our arms again. But I testify that that sweet little boy will be raised to dwell at the right hand of the Very Supreme Being who created us, and loves us with more love than can be measured. So when you day is hard. And I know everyday is hard. Please remember where Carson is and who he is with. And where we all can be one day. If we keep our covenants we have made with Our Father in Heaven.

I made it a goal to sutdy those chapters as often as I can. I pray you all will as well. I love you all very much and am praying for you. Dont worry about ol Matty boy. He keeps it real Na Bahia!! Again I love you all and I have made it a goal to fast once a week.

Love you,
Elder Hadley