Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dec 15, 2014

I am getting transfered!!!!! I am pretty dang excited and a little nervous....haha. I will go to the last city of the Bahia...16 hours on the bus.....yikes....haha. I will train a new missionary and open up the area (as in both of the misisonaries are leaving the area and we will replace them). Its a little tiny group in a city called Mucuri....Pretty crazy.

So this week we had the Christmas conference. I gave my "testemunho de saída" at the conference because it is the last zone conference I will have a part of.....pretty sad. But its good. Its all good. That was lots of fun. We had great food. Some really good Turkey. We didnt eat beans....thats a first...haha. I actually kind of missed it...thats weird. I love brazilian beans....haha. 

Then we worked really hard and met some really good people. I was doing some divisions this week and doing some interviews so I didnt work a whole lot in our area. I kind of missed some of our investigators. But it was super nice to help other missionaries. Elder Hoggan and I are going to be I am going to miss that kid SO MUCH....I love that kid so much. He doesnt get home till next August and I wont see him till then....I mean he studys at the Y but still....its super sad. Its really hard to say goodbye to missionaries, members that live in the area, and the people you taught.....its seriously super super hard. I always just bawl like a baby during transfers....Its not cool....

Then this week on Friday we had a Chirstmas Choir concert at the chapel. Thats what I sent the pictures of. It was SUPER HOT and we had to be in our suits....but the Spirit was so strong and so sweet there at the concert. We showed the video "Ele É O Presente" and talked a little about it then we read the scriptures in Lucas about the birth of the Savior and we sang tons and tons of hymns. It was really really good. The women of the ward were super happy that we helped out. It was a pleasure to help them and we really had a lot of fun doing it. On Sunday we also had a huge ward lunch at the Chapel. That was really good. On Saturday me and my comp Elder Brown were pretty dang sick. Brown was worse than I was. He like could hardly walk. We both came to the office right after lunch to grab some stuff and we just like collapsed on the floor and just laid there for a while....haha. But it was a really good week. We were able to see the mission baptize lots of people. Its super cool to see missionaries teach amazing people and see these people recieve answers and have a desire to be baptized. 

Then we were able to take a few people to church on Sunday. That was really good. I am sad and really excited at the same time. Mucuri will be amazing. Its a tiny little group of about 25 active members....Lets see how the next 7 weeks go!! I will talk to you guys on the skype next week!! Crazy. 

Anyway, I love you guys and hope you are all well!! Have a great week!!

Elder Hadley