Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 29, 2014

Hey Family,
So transfers came in......and I am getting transfered back to Salvador.....I am super nervous about this new area and everything else but I know I will learn a lot and be able to help lots of missionaries. I am going to miss my comp like crazy....seriously....I will miss him a lot. Goodness I love this kid....I know we will do a lot together after the mission but still....I am going to miss him.
Our area is awesome. The people are great. Not a whole lot to say. ha. Our investigators are awesome. Elder Ray is awesome and will continue to tear it up!!!
My new companion is also amazing. I am super grateful for the chance I have to serve with him. He is  spiritual giant and will help me out a lot. His name is Elder A. Santos. A really good kid.
love you guys
elder hadley

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

Sorry....I know I have been super lame with the family emails these past few weeks.....actually pretty much the entire mission. Forgive me...haha.

So this week was an amazing learning experience for me. I learned that the enemy tries many different ways to destroy The Lords work....we as missionaries/members of the church have to do all that we can to not permit it to happen.
I was studying a lot this week about Joseph in Egypt and about the VISION that he had. He honestly knew exactly what he had to do to be successful. Even when everything was against him and he passed through so many difficulties he did two very important things. 1) He didnt get down and forget his GIANT plans and goals in life and didnt stop believing that he was capable of accomplishing them. 2) He remembered who was with him and that was all that he cared about. It says many times in the scriptures that The Lord was with him or something close to that.
To accomplish what we need to in life we need to do exactly what Joseph did.

Keep our eyes on the plans and goals we have. No matter what happens. And we cannot be afraid to have VISION and understand that we are capable of being (the second in command of all of Egypt).
We cannot forget who we are and who is with us.
We all need to remember that. Things wont always always go our way. But if we do what Joseph did....we will be alright. I wrote down tons of other stuff that I found from that experience that he had but I think thats good enough. haha.

RICH and CHERISE!!!!! Had the baby!!!! Wow.....I am so dang happy. I hope everyone is healthy and doing alright.
President gave a training to a few zones in the mission and I cant even explain to you the Spirit that was in that chapel. He speaks with SO MUCH POWER. He teaches from the scriptures and from the words of the leaders of the church. It is sucha blessing to have him as my leader. I trust him with everything I have. A great man.

I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!! This week will be an amazing week for us!!
Elder Hadley

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 8, 2014

Hey family,
So My email has had a problem for a few weeks now. I get emails super late or nt at all....and when I send emails sometimes they dont go through and I have no idea that it happens. ha. So sorry about all of that.
Sos this week was a great one. Another amazing Saturday.
So we went to Salvador for the monthly council and it was a great time. Like always I cannot help but just get goosebumps and feel The Spirit so incredibly strong when my mission president President Andrezzo speaks to us....He speaks with power and authority and you know how much he loves you. I am grateful to be serving with him.
So we got back with our suitcases full of suppplies for the other missionaries and as we were walking to the church we saw a guy with an old cart and his mule....so naturally...we asked him if we could throw our bags in and jump in the back. Being a man from the Bahia. He let us in with no problems. haha. He took us down the main street until we got to the church. haha. It was pretty dang funny. 
This week we worked hard with those that we are teaching and found more people to teach as well. We had some great spirt filled lessons that were amazing. At church there was some drama with the members during sacrament meeting....without going into detail it was a pretty rough..haha. But its okay.
Today has been a roller coaster. A son of a recent convert of mine here in this area passed away. Its pretty sad but they will be okay. We will go to the viewing tonight and give our support. Its been a super stressful day. For some reason we have had to plan the viewing...me and my comp. ha. But its working out well.
So I will send some pics in this email. I hope you all have a great week.I love you guys!! Be safe!!!

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 1, 2014

So this week was another incredible one that once again ended amazingly. I am really happy to be here. So I am with Elder Ray from Portland Oregon. Mom, thats where he is from. ha. I sent some pictures last week of us together. Next week I will send some more. We have to leave in a few hours to travel to Salador to get some trainings. Its a long bus ride and we get zero sleep. haha. Thats normal. Sleeping isnt the easiest thing in the world and hasnt been for  a long time. ha.
Spence congrats man.I am super proud of you. I heard BYU won. Thats good for them. Hopefully they do really well this year.
This week was awesome. We have lost some contact with some great investigators that we were working with. We have to get back into contact with them because they were progressing super well. We baptized a 13 year old girl this week and are working with the rest of her family. I have never met a 13 year old girl so amazing and with so much desire to do good. She is reading the book of mormon everyday and writes down what she learns. We got her on the personal progress for young women already and she is killing it!! I will send you a picture of her next week. Serioulsy though....she is an angel.
We worked hard this week, and had the chance to talk to and teach and help lots of people. Its basically the same stuff every single day. haha. Nothing too crazy happens. Its nothing like Salvador. haha.

I love my comp. I love this area. I love this work. Its fun. I miss you guys and now that fotball has started.....I wont lie....its pretty dang tough. haha. But I am doing alright.

I love you all. If you have any questions I think it will be easier to write more in emails. have a great week!!
Elder hadley