Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 8, 2014

Hey family,
So My email has had a problem for a few weeks now. I get emails super late or nt at all....and when I send emails sometimes they dont go through and I have no idea that it happens. ha. So sorry about all of that.
Sos this week was a great one. Another amazing Saturday.
So we went to Salvador for the monthly council and it was a great time. Like always I cannot help but just get goosebumps and feel The Spirit so incredibly strong when my mission president President Andrezzo speaks to us....He speaks with power and authority and you know how much he loves you. I am grateful to be serving with him.
So we got back with our suitcases full of suppplies for the other missionaries and as we were walking to the church we saw a guy with an old cart and his naturally...we asked him if we could throw our bags in and jump in the back. Being a man from the Bahia. He let us in with no problems. haha. He took us down the main street until we got to the church. haha. It was pretty dang funny. 
This week we worked hard with those that we are teaching and found more people to teach as well. We had some great spirt filled lessons that were amazing. At church there was some drama with the members during sacrament meeting....without going into detail it was a pretty rough..haha. But its okay.
Today has been a roller coaster. A son of a recent convert of mine here in this area passed away. Its pretty sad but they will be okay. We will go to the viewing tonight and give our support. Its been a super stressful day. For some reason we have had to plan the and my comp. ha. But its working out well.
So I will send some pics in this email. I hope you all have a great week.I love you guys!! Be safe!!!

Elder Hadley

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