Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 1, 2014

So this week was another incredible one that once again ended amazingly. I am really happy to be here. So I am with Elder Ray from Portland Oregon. Mom, thats where he is from. ha. I sent some pictures last week of us together. Next week I will send some more. We have to leave in a few hours to travel to Salador to get some trainings. Its a long bus ride and we get zero sleep. haha. Thats normal. Sleeping isnt the easiest thing in the world and hasnt been for  a long time. ha.
Spence congrats man.I am super proud of you. I heard BYU won. Thats good for them. Hopefully they do really well this year.
This week was awesome. We have lost some contact with some great investigators that we were working with. We have to get back into contact with them because they were progressing super well. We baptized a 13 year old girl this week and are working with the rest of her family. I have never met a 13 year old girl so amazing and with so much desire to do good. She is reading the book of mormon everyday and writes down what she learns. We got her on the personal progress for young women already and she is killing it!! I will send you a picture of her next week. Serioulsy though....she is an angel.
We worked hard this week, and had the chance to talk to and teach and help lots of people. Its basically the same stuff every single day. haha. Nothing too crazy happens. Its nothing like Salvador. haha.

I love my comp. I love this area. I love this work. Its fun. I miss you guys and now that fotball has started.....I wont lie....its pretty dang tough. haha. But I am doing alright.

I love you all. If you have any questions I think it will be easier to write more in emails. have a great week!!
Elder hadley

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