Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

Alright family so this week was a little bit tougher than the last. Funny how that works right? One week you are on Cloud 9, and the next week you are falling from it and feel like you have face planted it into the earth. (Shout out to Katy Perry haha). Alright no but seriously, it was tough. ONly part of our family were able to go to church with us this Sunday. But I will tell you why in a second. One of the boys, Jefferson, who uses the wheelchair. Lost a part of his wheelchair that is pretty important. He doesnt know where it went. We had it in the Taxi when we got to the church but then when we returned and found the taxi driver he also didnt know where it was. So it honestly is a mystery what happened. But me and my comp know where we can get this part. Its not expensive so I will get him another one. SO the entire family didnt go because their church is talking lots of smack. Its okay, I am not worried. Its easy to see by what the family says everyday that they know the church is true and that the BOok of Mormon is the word of God. We will help them with their doubts and questions. We found some great people to teach. We were teaching them all week long but then out of nowhere they just decided they didnt want to go to church....What the freak! RIght? Its sad. But its all part of the missionary work. We can only do as much as we possibly can. Andwe have to repsect their agency. Something that isnt always super easy to do. Lets see...what else happened this week....President Andrezzo walked with us and made some visits last night. That was pretty cool. My comp is continuing to pregress with the language. He is a smart kid. I am not too worried about him. There have been quite a bit of shootings, more than normal, in our area this week. So we are having to be extra careful. We just need to be smart and go into the areas we know are safer. Its all good. This week really wasnt super exciting. We found lots of great people who ended up falling on the last day....sad but also normal. The family is doing great. We have other investigators who are also doing great. It would take me five hours on here to explain about them all. I dont have much time to do that. haha. But anyway, thats how my week was. I love you all. Remember to continue to listen to the Spirit in your everday lives. I often think to myself on the mission...Maybe there were tons of times throughout my life where I didnt pay attention to Him because I was busy doing something else. Maybe I missed an opportuity to help someone? Just be mindful and know that the Spirit will guide. We just have to let Him. Love you all. ELder Hadley

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 17, 2013

What a week for me and my companion!! It was amazing!
Sorry mom, I will try and write more. The truth is.....I dont know what to write. I want to share experiences with you guys. But I get to the computer and I just forget all of them. haha. Then we leave the computer and I remember them all. Or there are some that I would like to share with you all face to face. You know what I mean? But Thats lame of me! I will try to write more. So I will tell you about this week.

Something about me on the mission is that I talk to everybody I feel even the slightest urge to talk to. And I always pay close attention to everybody in the street. Always. If you pay close attention to them. The Spirit will help you discern if they are wanting to talk to you or not. For example, Saturday night we were walking to a recent converts house to share a message with her. As we were walking I saw three kids sitting on the sidewalk. They were looking at us closely. And I felt the urge to talk to them. So I told me comp to invite them to church. He did. They accepted and said they would go. Thats normal. As we started to leave I felt the urge to teach them. So we turned back around and taught them and reminded them about church. We said a prayer then left. 30 feet later I hear a women talking to a man. As we were walking by I heard her say to the man. ( I will go to any church that I get an invite to, I am trying to find God in my life) So after 10 feet past them I turned around and walked back to them. haha. It was like one of those smooth spin turns. It was funny. haha. I went back there to where they were. I pretended to be lost. To try and not make it be awkward. haha. So I pretended that I was lost and need directions to the street of where the church was. After they explained it to me and making them laugh a little bit. I invited them to church. Keep in mind, this was all Saturday night at like 8 at night. ha. Also keep in mind that everybody accepts to come to church to try and be nice. But its hard to get them there. haha. Anyway Sunday morning comes a long. And who do I meet? 2 of the three kids and the woman who said she would visit any church she gets an invite to. My family, pay attention to those around you. Pay close attention and the Spirit will see your desire to help and will let you know what to do.   

Second week of training my homeboy Elder Elliott from Springville Utah. He likes to work hard. That is good. We work well together. He has no fear. Which is great. 

So one experience. ME and my comp were walking home to eat lunch on Thursday. We had some appointments in the morning. When a girl who we had talked to earlier in the week stopped to talk to us. She wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon. I gave her one. Explained it and gave her a part to read. We got her address and promised to stop by on Friday. So we stopped by on Friday. She met us out on the street. I looked behind her when we were talking to her and saw her house was full of people. So, doing what I literally always do when I talk to a child or a teenager. I asked her if we could go inside and teach everybody. That is something I would suggest to you Pat and April. I dont know how things are in Canada. BUt always ask if you can teach the whole family. First get to know the person you are teaching. Show that person that you care about them and want to get to know them. Help them feel that you are focused just on them. Create trust and a friendship with them. THEN ask about their family and if it is possible to teach them all. I always say to the kids. Take us to your house. LEts go teach your whole family. haha. They love it. So anyway, we got inside the house and started teaching the whole family. It was awesome. The mom lives alone with her 9 children. 2 of them are paralyzed from the waste down. One has 18 years and the other has 14. The mom has a tough time but she is a good woman who loves God. The kids all are so obedient and payed such close attention. Anyway we taught them a lesson and The Spirit testified of what we were teaching. It was a wonderful lesson. Really was. Saturday after our baptism, me and our Bishop (he is the most amazing Bishop in Brazil, not a doubt in my mind) ran to find a member to give them a ride to go to church. So we show up to their house and they are all ready to go. The mom couldnt because she had to work. So the mom dropped the three little ones at a friends house and the other 6 came with us in the van. When I saw that whole family standing at the door waiting form me and my comp to get there I couldnt help but start to cry. Its a good thing I was sweating also so you wouldnt be able to see the tears haha. It was just a very humbling experience for me. So we pushed Eduardo (Boy 18) and Jefferson (Boy 14) in their wheelchairs to the car. While Jose (Girl 16) Beth (Girl 10) Edimilson (Boy 11) and Levi-Kywan (7) walked right next to us. We hauled everybody to church and they loved it more than I have ever loved a three hour block of church. haha. They told me that they will never miss a Sunday in their lives. So we will continue to teach and help them understand more about the Gospel. We are for sure going to focus on the Plan of Salvation this next lesson with them. And of course. Read out of the BOok of Mormon with them. (Another side note. Pat and April. You will have missionaries who only want to use the bible to teach. That is great! The Bible is amazing. I LOVE it! them gain a testimony from the Book of Mormon. That is the gathering tool of Israel. I use the Book of Mormon to teach until they tell me to use the Bible. haha. Use the Bible. I use it a lot. But use the Book of Mormon more....That book has more power than we can understand). So now I ask my family, pray for this little family. There might be some kind of a rule in the missionary handbook about asking your family to pray and fast for investigators. Like we cant do that. But You dont need to fast. Just pray for them. Thank you. 

So Today is Pday right?; We got up early to get my comp to the airport to get his ID. Well he went with other missionaries. I am waiting for him in the office with my boy Elder Bestor. haha. Anyway. We get to Bom Preço. (Wal-mart). To take his photos. We get there and the photo center is not open!! A lady that worked there told me that the lady that works in the photo center always shows up super late. Later than 830 Well we had to be at the bus stop by 8. And it was already 715. So I said a prayer. Asking for help. The lady that works at the photo center showed up at 730. Then took his pictures. Then printed them off in 10 minutes when she usually makes people wait an hour. Game Ball goes to the Photo Center Lady at Bom Preço. hahaha. She was clutch. And also, the power of prayer is REAL.

ALright that is how my week was. Mom I love you and I am sorry I have been lame with emails. I will try and be better. They probably wont be this long again. haha. But they will be longer. And about the Camera, Just buy one that works. haha. And send it whenever you can. Talk to a doctor about my hives. Love you all. Pat and April, remember this. The Lord WILL bless the missionary who is obedient, works hard, and works SMART. We were able to be blessed with 14 people in church with us this Sunday. It was amazing. The Lord is the head of this work. That is true. Love you all and have a great week. 

Elder Hadley

Nov 10, 2013

I would like to share my testimony with all of you and declare with all of my heart that Jesus is the Christ. I have no doubt of that. I have no doubt of the power of the Atonement. My Brothers and Sisters. It is real. The Beloved Savior of the world did what no other child of our Father in Heaven could do. He satisfied the demands of Justice by taking on the sins of the world and permiting each of us to return to live with Him and our Loving Father in Heaven again. Our names are engraven upon the palms of His hands. He knows you. He loves you. Our Father in Heaven also knows you and He also loves you. The Prophet Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. President Monson is our Prophet today. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. That Book has the power to change lives. 
Let us all remember our testimonies this Christmas season. And by doing so, let us give the greatest gift we as members of The Church have. The Gospel of Christ, and all that falls under that category. Give to others what they are seeking; Eternal Happiness and Peace. Brothers and Sisters remember who you are. Remember what you know.  Declare it to the world. Christ was born, He died, and lives again. I know that is true. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   

Elder Hadley