Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

Alright family so this week was a little bit tougher than the last. Funny how that works right? One week you are on Cloud 9, and the next week you are falling from it and feel like you have face planted it into the earth. (Shout out to Katy Perry haha). Alright no but seriously, it was tough. ONly part of our family were able to go to church with us this Sunday. But I will tell you why in a second. One of the boys, Jefferson, who uses the wheelchair. Lost a part of his wheelchair that is pretty important. He doesnt know where it went. We had it in the Taxi when we got to the church but then when we returned and found the taxi driver he also didnt know where it was. So it honestly is a mystery what happened. But me and my comp know where we can get this part. Its not expensive so I will get him another one. SO the entire family didnt go because their church is talking lots of smack. Its okay, I am not worried. Its easy to see by what the family says everyday that they know the church is true and that the BOok of Mormon is the word of God. We will help them with their doubts and questions. We found some great people to teach. We were teaching them all week long but then out of nowhere they just decided they didnt want to go to church....What the freak! RIght? Its sad. But its all part of the missionary work. We can only do as much as we possibly can. Andwe have to repsect their agency. Something that isnt always super easy to do. Lets see...what else happened this week....President Andrezzo walked with us and made some visits last night. That was pretty cool. My comp is continuing to pregress with the language. He is a smart kid. I am not too worried about him. There have been quite a bit of shootings, more than normal, in our area this week. So we are having to be extra careful. We just need to be smart and go into the areas we know are safer. Its all good. This week really wasnt super exciting. We found lots of great people who ended up falling on the last day....sad but also normal. The family is doing great. We have other investigators who are also doing great. It would take me five hours on here to explain about them all. I dont have much time to do that. haha. But anyway, thats how my week was. I love you all. Remember to continue to listen to the Spirit in your everday lives. I often think to myself on the mission...Maybe there were tons of times throughout my life where I didnt pay attention to Him because I was busy doing something else. Maybe I missed an opportuity to help someone? Just be mindful and know that the Spirit will guide. We just have to let Him. Love you all. ELder Hadley

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