Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

Dear Family,
Loves the letter! Sounds like everything is doing really well!! Mom, you dont need to send anymore things for my heat rash. haha. I have too much!! I am survivng and thats all that is important. During the day I dont even think about it. ALso, I really hope you guys sent a new camera.....haha. 

So like normal, this week was full of ups and downs. But we were still able to get a really good amount of people at church with us. That was cool. We met a couple this week and taught them. They came to church with us. I told them I wont baptize them because they are living together and aren't married (the most common thing here). So we are planning on a wedding here in a couple of weeks. haha. It should be sweet. I dont know though. They dont have a testimony about things yet so we need to focus on both marriage and a testimony. Because how can they recieve a testimony if they are not willing to repent? The blessings come as a consequence of our repentance and obedience. I beleive that marriage is a consequence of repentance. Or splitting up....But I am leaning more towards putting the ring on it. So lets see how this all works out. We are super excited about all of this. 

My family is....progressing. Slowly but surely. Continue to pray for them. We went to church with one of the members of the family last was...haha very very interesting. Gloria!! Gloria!!! haha. It was such a testimony buider of how the Spirit works...I did not one time feel the Spirit. And its not because they are bad people or anything like that. Its because the Spirit works as a still small voice. For sure. There are times where He will yell at us. But that wont happen very often. The only thing I felt there was the desire to dance. haha. They were rocking out on the drums and guitar. The guys playing were legit. The lady pastor was teaching....lots of false doctrine. It was so sad to see these people who are seeking for the truth and who want to become closer to God...are not finding it. The pastor said that --- The blood of the Lord will bring Justice--- I sat thinking....I wonder if these people understand in the Atonement...I wonder if they know that they can repent. How miserable that would be...thinking that we have to live and die in our sins... The blood of the Lord brought mercy and grace in the great plan of our Heavenly Father. Justice already existed. Thats why laws and commandments exist. If it werent for the perfect blood of the Perfect Son of God...The demands of justice wouldnt have been satisfied. And there would have been no way mercy could have existed. No way to repent. No way to return to love with our Father in Heaven again. This doctrine is so much deeper but lets just stop at the surface. haha. You all already know this but I just sat thinking how sad it must be....My dear family, help those who are around us. Help them know that because of the suffering of our Savior they can repent. And they must repent. Obviously, dont go teaching your friends that they need to repent or they are going to hell. Thats the missionaries jobs. haha. But teach them that they can repent. Give them hope in something bigger that can nurture their faith. Share the Gospel. I am so dissapointed with myself that I didnt try to do this more often before the mission. I could have made a difference in the lives of some of my friends. Well I couldnt have but at least I could have brought something that would have made that difference. Be better that fatty matty. Do work. 

So this week was super hot. Excpet one day it rained like its never rained before. Rivers covered the city. It was  crazy. haha. I mean...rivers. People in litts boats were traveling on the streets. haha. Cars were almost completely covered by water. It was crazy!!

I love you all family. I hopw you have a great week!! Continue to do your best!! Be safe!!

Elder Hadley

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