Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec, 9 2013

So ya my hives have gotten pretty bad....haha. on my arms, shoulders, neck, and even on my back. They are starting to look like when I first got them way back in the day. haha. I will talk to Sister Andrezzo to see what we can do. 
How was your week? 
Mine was a good week. Pat I loved the email my bro. Send a pic. I wanna see how big you have grown. haha. My little stud. Keep working hard my man. Sharia, thank for the letter a couple of weeks ago. Love you both. 
So this week I did a division with the assistants in an area that we just opened. Its a city that has never seen missionaries. The assistants have been working there for three weeks and I dont know why I was invited to go with them? haha. Maybe I will be transferred there and start working in Valença? I am not sure. Whatever the reason. It was a blast. It was cool because I have always had a good relationship with these two Elders. Elder Warner from Roseville. (He is in the Citrus Heights ward, Spence) And Elder Rodrigues who is from São Paulo but lived in Utah for almost 9 years. We have always been good friends during the mission and this three weeks made it even better. It was a blast to learn from them. This area is sweet. We have an old market place that is our church building and the missionaries that will be living there will live in the apt above the church. haha. Its a small town really close to the beach. Our baptisms there take place on the beach. So that is pretty cool. Its a great area with amazing people. I am excited to see whatever missionaries go there and hear about how they are doing. 
I will tell you all more about it during our christmas call. I am so excited for our chance to talk and see each other. Let me know what will be the best time for you guys. Mom, I am sorry this letter is short. haha. I am already out of time on here. I will send a longer one next week. I love you all and have a great week. 

ELder hadley

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