Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Tudo bem!
How are you my beloved family!? The work is going well here in our area. It has come to a little stop these past few weeks and that always makes things a little bit tough. But it is all part of the learning experience. It is exactly what helps us as missionaries progress and move forward and it also helps us know what we need to do to help our investigators or future investigators. 

So this week was a tough one. Elder Elliott was sick again and we had to miss out on a day of work...again... But its all good. Elder Swift our LZ came and did his two day division with our district. That was pretty darn sweet as always. (Elder Swift is the one who asked if Gpa clyde could do the sealing for him and his gf when he gets back). So that was sweet. It was kind of funny because Elder Elliott is a really really good kid and a great missionary. But he doesnt pay attention to lots of things of the world that are going on around him. haha. He is a lot like Amanda...oh man whats that word...seriously I cant remember the word....He is always viajando....uhh. Like he is. Oblivious! yes! Thats what it is. Okay so he is oblivious to what is going on around him. We were knocking doors and a group of like 6 guys with these huge hand guns in their hands were posted up just chilling on some stairs. We keep on going acting like everything is normal. haha. But these guys do NOT like loud noises or people being annoying and loud in front of them....I know this because they already told me....well not this group but another group in a situation just like this. Anyway my comp doesnt realize they are even there and he just starts clapping away as loud as he can yelling into houses to see if anyone is home. One of the guys stands up looking right at us...Keep in mind that my comp still does not know they are even there with hand guns..... And I am just thinking.. O great, we are going to get punished. I hope I have some cash on me to give to him. haha. And then they heard some yelling up the top of the stairs. So he looked up the top of the stairs and some of there buddies were calling them. So they took off up the stairs....Whew!! It was a close one. haha. It was funny. He wouldn't have hurt us so dont worry mom. Most likely would have just asked to see our ID and maybe took some cash. But even then. All of the guys really like the missionaries so he probably wouldn't have even done that. I am 100% safe. Everyone knows me by name, I have 7 months in this area. haha. But the point of this story is to just let you know that we had a funny experience because my comp is a boss who doesnt think about a lot of things that COULD happen. He is from Springville Utah....so that could explain some things. 

Anyway. On Saturday I got really really sick. That wasnt too much fun. We went out to work and the Lord gave me strength for a few hours to visit the people we really needed to visit. Then when I started to have to sit down. That is when we decided to go home. I thought Sunday was going to be really rough. But I woke up feeling much better and we were able to get people to church and now this Saturday should be a good one for us. The last Saturday in this area. Crazy! 7 months in the ward of Bandeirantes. I will miss a lot of people. But I am also ready to get out.

Anyway so that is a little bit about this week. This week we woke up early and went to the Barra. Google it. Its sweet. But no we did not go on the beach part. We went to the light house and watched the sunrise drank chimarrĂ£o. It was awesome. I will send some pictures. I love you guys!!! You guys are awesome! i am praying for you all. Help the missionaries in your areas! They need it!!

Elder Hadley 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

So this week was a good and bad one. Bad because we didnt have the end result that we were looking for. But good because we were able to see the hand of the Lord. 
I hope your weekend was a great one. Filled with love in your hearts for the tender mercies of the Lord. 
So we were not able to get a whole lot of people to church on Sunday. That was kind of crappy. But something really cool happened Saturday night then Sunday morning that helped me feel better about our week. Elder Borges got asked to go do a baptism in another area that he had already worked in. It was Borges who started teaching this kid. His comp was sick so I went with him. We were on our way and before we got to the bus we got a call saying the kid didnt want to be baptized anymore and his mom doesnt want him to anymore and they had heard tons of garbage about the doctrine of the church. So almost to the point of the bus I told Borges that he and I should go and talk to this kid and get him baptized saturday night. He agreed. So we jumped on the bus and went over to the area. We got there and had a great talk with this kid. It started out that he was not going to be baptized and that his mom did not want him to. After Borges and I teaching and the Spirit testifying like crazy they started to warm up again. We created a friendship with the mom really quickly and with the kid. Borges already had one with him but it had been a long time since they had seen each other. Anyway to answer there questions the Spirit was able to guide us to different passages in The Book of Mormon to answer their questions. After reading and testifying I asked the young boy what he was thinking. The Spirit was so strong you guys. It really was. And he said to me, Elder Hadley. I want to be baptized. I know I need to be. Then I turned to the mom and talked to her and asked how she feels about this. She said that it would be the best thing for him (and she is super super strong in her church, that made things even harder). But she then asked if instead of doing it that night if we could do it sunday morning. This woman missed out on some work to go watch her sons baptism. It was an amazing experience to be able to be apart of. Ya it wasnt my baptism in my area. BUt it was a baptism. And it was a baptism of a young man who was really prepared. What a tender mercy from the Lord. 
My comp was sick on Tuesday. That is the worst thing in the world. Staying inside all day when you know that you have so much to do. As tired as you are it is not possible to sleep at all because you are so anxious about the people you are teaching. But Borges and Izatt visited some of them for us. Izatt got sick afterwards. But he is doing a lot better now. They both are. It was a good week. Like I said, we didnt get a whole lot to church like we normally do. And our baptism this week wont happen because she wasnt able to go to church because of a stupid emergency call to work. BUT, with all of that we are still happy because we are able to see the Lord in our everyday lives. And what a blessing it is to me to be able to not only see it here but see it at home. Its great to hear that all is well with you guys. I love you all so very much. 

Mom I will get a scripture for the plaque next week. You dont need to send anymore stuff for my hives. haha. I will survive. If they get out of control i will tell you and you guys can send it. But I have too much stuff to try and fit in my bags now. haha. 

Love you all and have a great week! 
Elder Hadley!