Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cookies Please

March 29, 2013
Haha!! Nice! I dropped you a letter in the mail today so I'll let you read that tomorrow. Cookies!! Your Cookies are already legend here. haha, ya I had to put those times down on the table. It will show who really loves me haha. How is Duke? I last hear they were in the sweet 16? Indiana is out?!? dang... I love these pictures. It isn't letting me watch videos right now. But I am going to jump onto another computer in a little bit to see if it works on that one. These computers in the laundry room are gay.
Love you!

P.S. I'm embarrassed about your City League team....


March 29, 2013
I will call you some time tonight. BE BY THE PHONE!! Anytime from 9-10. It has to be before 10 so I will call you before then. So don't be ready by 10:01.
have everyone in the family email me so I can get their email address.

To Family March 29. 2013

March 29, 2013
How is everyone?
Mother I am so grateful for the letters and quotes you send. They help me out very much. And I love reading about what is going on back home. And Dad, I love hearing from you as well....o wait. I don't hear from you. I hope you're doing alright big guy. Love you.
Happy late Birthday April and happy early birthday Rich.
This past week is honestly not much different than the week before. It is difficult to find what to say because it honestly is the same. I wake up, study study study study study, eat, have class twice in the day, eat some more and then go to sleep.
The language is becoming a little more challenging but the Lord is absolutely helping me with it. It can be frustrating at times when we are teaching someone. But when you allow yourself to get frustrated and focus on what to say. The Spirit can't guide you on what to teach.
I guess actually now that I think about it a few things have changed. Our Branch got so big we had to make a brand new one. Our district was placed in the brand new one. So now I have the chance to work with a different branch Presidency. They are a great group of men. I miss our old branch presidency already. But I see them around quite a bit. It's all good. This next week we will have 40 new Portuguese speaking missionaries. The week after 75 new Port missionaries. And then the week after that, 125 new Portuguese speaking missionaries arrive. Crazy!! It's funny, I am already forgetting how to spell English words because I will write out the Portuguese word first. haha. I can't say it enough. The Lord is really helping me understand the concepts and remember vocabulary. My accent is progressing as well. My teachers tell me I sound native. Pretty humbling to hear that from them. I am very grateful the Lord has helped me so much.
Another thing that is new. Last Saturday we had our first TRC session. That is when we teach a volunteer from the area. They come in, we get to know them. Ask them what they are in need of help with or what they want to hear from us. And then we teach. Our first lesson was a very recent RM that goes to the Y. He was more nervous than me and my companion were. He said he was struggling to have patience with difficult things in his life. We then taught him about the council the Lord gives Joseph while in Liberty. A section we all know well. We then taught him the patience Nephi had throughout his whole journey to the promised land. He gets set back to get the plates. No complaint. His Brothers beat him and tie him up. No complaint. His bow breaks. No complaint. He is asked to build a boat. No complaint. He deals with so much and he always found a way to get through it. Hard tasks and dealing with his obnoxious brothers for that long would not be easy. (I know what that is like). But by Putting his trust in the Lord, he accomplished what he needed to and he had the patience to get through it. We had more we wanted to say but we ran out of time. 30 minutes isn't enough. haha. It was a great experience and a lot of confidence was gained.
I was readying in 2 Nephi and in ch. 31...I believe? He talks about how his writings are plain and how the Lord rejoices in plainness. He also talks about how the Lord will help those understand even if they have difficulty understanding. The Lord will speak to them in their language and their understanding. I have come to realize that. The Book of Mormon is written to be understood. It is so importante that we get our investigators into that book. They will feel something when they read it. And with our help, they can know of the Doctrine of Christ. The Book of Mormon is here on the earth to gather the lost tribes of Israel. I know that is true.
It's weird, I think I told Spence about this. I honestly have an addiction to read out of the scriptures now. My study habits have always been pretty good. But sometimes I would look at it as a chore and not really "enjoy" it. I can't put the New Testament and the Book of Mormon down. It's like I have to know what happens next. But... I'm sure you all know what I am talking about because you all are so much more Spiritual than me.
My companion is awesome. He is always looking to serve me. He struggles with the language but is getting better. He loves the gospel and loves to work hard.
It is amazing being here. I was pretty bitter my Visa didn't come in time but I am so happy now that it didn't. Also, the travel office said that Brazil Visas will be here no later than 6 weeks. HA! Ya right. I've stopped really caring when it will come. Because I've heard so many different stories. I'll go where I need to go.
I love this gospel and I am grateful for my family. I pray for you constantly. It's crazy to think I only have two and a half weeks left in here. I don't feel really prepared with the language but I know that the Lord will provide. As long as I do my part. I would like to council everyone to PRAY and PRAY OFTEN. Always have a prayer in your heart. The power of prayer is so strong and is so important. I love the council Alma gives his son Helamen when he tells him to council with Lord in all of his doings. Of course there are things we don't need to pray about. And you all are smart enough to know what those things are. But I would just advise you to pray for the things you are in need of. The Lord will help us if we have faith and are diligent.
I know this is the Lords work. I know He loves us and knows us by name. Eu amo Voces!

Elder Hadley

I really love all of your letters. They mean a lot.

Funny Matt

Matt's response to this pictures I emailed him of Emma.......

"Gorgeous baby. 6 Sisters have walked by and said how gorgeous she is. And then they said it is easy to see she is related to me. Naturally..."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Email To Amanda

March 22, 2013
I love these Amanda. Keep them coming. Those cookies were unreal! I needed those. Hey if I sent my ipod back to get some other music would that be possible? If not it's all good. I just wanted some Kenny Loggins, ( Last unicorn, pooh corner, specifically those two) Stuff like that. Maybe some nice country. haha.  Also, I am going to get my pants fixed so tell mom not to stress. I don't know if mom and dad plan to email me back but I will send my fam email after lunch if I can get back on.

Again tell spence to write me back! Because I need to make sure my letter got to him. I put my facebook login on that letter cause I needed him to do something. And if it went to someone else that would be really bad. So call him and find out. I should get back on in like an hour. So if you can reply. Please do that. okay love you! Miss you! Dear Elder works well.


Como Vai?

 March 22, 2013
Como Vai minha familia?

It is so great to constantly hear from all of you on Dear Elder. It really means a lot. Mom and Dad I sent you two a letter talking about an experience I had this past Sunday. I hope you got it. I miss you all a ton.

So again, the language is awesome and is coming along very well. We taught an investigator by the name of Bruno. (He was one of our teachers. How it works is; one of our teachers play as an investigator they taught while on the mission, and they act exactly like they acted to them or exactly how they would act. They are all people they baptized.) And for 45 minutes we just had a normal conversation getting to know him and answering his questions he had, and teaching him about the simplicity of The Book of Mormon. He wants to read the bible but can't understand it. So we told him we would help him read and help him understand if he reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. He is a 19 year old kid who started off with a bad attitude. But he is starting to open up and love having us over. They lessons are going great. I love the language. I can't say it enough. All of the Latin based languages are so awesome.

I love having the chance to study the gospel for as long as we do. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. I've always thought that I have known the gospel pretty well. But the amount of doctrine and principles I have learned in just this short amount of time is amazing. Also, Jesus The Christ....amazing book. I'm obsessed with it. I read it when I'm supposed to be studying Preach My Gospel. haha. I have to control myself.

This past week was pretty much normal. It was great...but again, pretty normal. We sleep, study, teach, eat. That's it. Waking up at 6:30 is actually not hard at all. I am tired throughout the day but in the morning, it's not bad. During Gym time I do absolutely nothing. I sit and watch everyone else play basketball. Except I guess I take that back. I am my companions trainer. I show him what lifts to do and when to do them. I have him do some of the stuff I would do in high school. He is so sore and cries about it all the time but wants me to do it. haha. He is a great kid.

I'm not sure about the news with my Visa. We just play it by ear. I doubt I will get it before my departure date. I am sure I'll be reassigned somewhere. O well. It's all good.

There are now 120 elders and sisters in our Portuguese Branch....That is insane. Before this missionary boom the average was like...45. haha. The Lord's work is moving forward. That is for sure!! I love it. Lots of Sister missionaries. Its crazy. And lots of really young looking Elders. Some look like they haven't touched shaving cream in their life. And some are rude little kids. I about beat one who was being obnoxious during lunch.

There really isn't much other than that. We go on our Temple walk on Sundays at 3-4:30. And our District goes to the temple on Fridays around 8. These past two Fridays have been amazing. The temple is incredible. I love the Spirit I feel when I go through a session then pray afterwards.

It is snowing today...let's see what else...I'm awesome... O wait, I can't remember if I already told you about my two teachers, Brother Hansen, and Brother Nothum. But they are fantastic teachers. They teach exactly how I loke to be taught.

O also, I had my first Sister missionary drama in the District. haha. I had to deal with that and hold a big District meeting and share some spiritual thoughts. Everyone has responded really well. The Lord was absolutely helping me with what I needed to say.

The District is really close. Appropriately close. I had my doubts about sister missionaries haha. Just kidding....kind of... Ours work really hard and have an amazing testimony. And so do our Elders. I am really proud of them

Anyway I love you all. Continue to send Dear Elders. I love hearing from you all.

This church is true. I can't wait to get out in the field. Wherever it is that I end up in the next three weeks. I love this gospel and the peace and insight it provides me. You all are amazing. Having a family like the one we have is a rare gift from the Lord. And words can't express my gratitude for each of you. Continue to study and strive to live the gospel.

I love you and can't wait to see you again.

Elder Hadley

P.S. Dad, the Portugal thing was a joke......kind of. haha. Love you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

To My Loser Sisters....

I wanted to personally email you both and tell you thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I miss you both so much. Amanda thank you for the package and the pictures. I needed those. And Michelle my night was ruined when you told me who Sean picked haha. He is a loser. I sent the family a long letter in more depth. I will write you both by hand. I just wanted to get this to you since I was already on. I love you both very much. Please know that. Continue to use Dear Elder, it works very well and I get them fast. I can write you back on paper that night. Tell my beautiful children hello and I love them very much. Give them a kiss and hug for me. And tell Brooks I want to play football with him too. I love you both.

Elder Hadley

First Email Home

Whats up my people!!!
Okay before I forget, I have to tell you the Dear Elder website works like a charm. Keep using it because they come fast. Sorry it took so long to email. Friday is our PDay but they didn't let us new missionaries have one last week. So I am having it now.
Mom VERY IMPORTANT!! They sent my slack waist size as a 34. And I needed a 36. The two pants for my suit are a 36 but the other 4 slacks are a 34. Should I send them to Amanda and have them get exchanged or should I just pay 5 bucks per pant and have them so it here??? Please answer on Dear Elder as soon as possible. Thank you. Okay so all of the Elders and Sisters that are called to Brazil that have not gotten there visas yet have gotten called to the travel office and had to fill out some paper work. I think their VISA expired. All except for 5 of us. Who went through the San Fran consulate. We didn't get called. So that either means we have already been approved and are waiting patiently for them. Or that means that maybe sometime they will call us later on to fill some stuff out. Who knows? I love it here anyway.
My district is awesome! 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. Mom and Dad I wrote a letter to you explaining how awesome they are. If anyone wants to know ask Mom and Dad. It it a great time serving as their District Leader. I will write hand-written letters as often as I can.
I love being here. The Spirit is very strong. Our schedule is really busy but I like staying busy, it keeps my mind occupied. I have studied the scriptures and Jesus The Christ so much. I love it. The language is gorgeous. It flows so nicely. And it is coming along really well for me. I am happy that I have the chance to learn it.
So we had to teach an investigator 8 lessons with no notes. And strictly Portuguese. It was tough but it was incredible to see the Spirit direct my thoughts and help me speak the language. I was saying things that I literally maybe learned for 1 second like during class or during a reading. Then I would go into the lesson and say exactly what I had heard and teach. I was able to understand what the investigator needed. I honestly would go into the lesson totally prepared to teach a lesson. But then I would ask what some of his concerns were or what he was having a tough time grasping. And I would switch the lesson right on the spot entirely. For example, our 5th lesson was written out to be keeping the Commandments. I went in and found that he was having a tough time with putting his faith in Christ and how doing that would benefit him. So I had him read Matthew 11: 28-30. Then I talked about in Alma 32 how we need to act and then our faith will grow. He then understood what putting out faith in the Savior would do for him. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and we committed him to Baptism (FINALLY!!!) three lessons later. haha. I honestly challenged him every single lesson. I have learned the importance of coming prepared to teach. But don't focus so much on teaching the lesson. teach the investigator.
My companion is awesome. We aren't very similar but it is amazing how well we get along. From the 2 districts that came in last week (missionaries headed to Brazil) 15 of the 20 are headed to the Salvador South mission. And I'm telling you, I get along so well with all of the elders that are going it is going to be a blast when we get out there!!!
There are way too many beautiful girls here.... haha. It gets me excited knowing there will be so many beautiful and righteous girls when I get home. And that isn't the "missionary talking". That is the truth. I mean, I've always wanted a spouse who could compare to Mom, and while they will fall short of Mom's level, it is good to know they will be on the right path. Trying to get on Mom's level. Rich, you did a great job man. Cherise you are awesome! Love you both. Even though you haven't written me.
Hey here is a fun little thing I was thinking about, in Jesus The Christ it talks about how the book was written using ancient scriptures from both sides of the hemisphere. Since Jerusalem is in the Northern Hemisphere, obviously the Lamanites and Nephites were in the Southern at some point. I mean I know we already knew that because of what leaders of the church have said as well as ancient ruins. I just till think it is really cool to speculate and try to guess. I don't know, Spence and Rich will probably make fun of me for typing that paragraph. haha.
Anyway, my time is almost up. I love this Gospel and I know it is true. A great and Marvelous work is going forth among the children of men and I am humbled to be apart of it. I love everyone and I hope you are doing well. Continue to use Dear Elder because it works very well. I went through the temple this morning and prayed like I have never prayed before for the welfare of all of you and those down the road. Let them know I love them very much and cannot wait to get pictures of little Cody. I hope all is well. I love you all so much. And for some odd reason....I miss you guys.. haha. I love you and be safe! Boa Tarde!!

Elder Hadley

PS get back to me about those slacks ASAP. And there is this girl that is in our zone going to Portugal....she is from Georgia....I will marry her. haha. (that was for you DAD) haha Love you guys!!

Entering the MTC

Matt's visa was delayed and so instead of going to the Brazil MTC he went to the Provo MTC. On March 6th, 2013 Spencer, Amanda and Emma picked him up at after a lunch with friends and family they said goodbye and dropped him off at the MTC.

The Call

Matt's call arrived at his sister's house in Springville on October 24, 2012. The following are pictures of the grand event!