Monday, March 18, 2013

First Email Home

Whats up my people!!!
Okay before I forget, I have to tell you the Dear Elder website works like a charm. Keep using it because they come fast. Sorry it took so long to email. Friday is our PDay but they didn't let us new missionaries have one last week. So I am having it now.
Mom VERY IMPORTANT!! They sent my slack waist size as a 34. And I needed a 36. The two pants for my suit are a 36 but the other 4 slacks are a 34. Should I send them to Amanda and have them get exchanged or should I just pay 5 bucks per pant and have them so it here??? Please answer on Dear Elder as soon as possible. Thank you. Okay so all of the Elders and Sisters that are called to Brazil that have not gotten there visas yet have gotten called to the travel office and had to fill out some paper work. I think their VISA expired. All except for 5 of us. Who went through the San Fran consulate. We didn't get called. So that either means we have already been approved and are waiting patiently for them. Or that means that maybe sometime they will call us later on to fill some stuff out. Who knows? I love it here anyway.
My district is awesome! 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. Mom and Dad I wrote a letter to you explaining how awesome they are. If anyone wants to know ask Mom and Dad. It it a great time serving as their District Leader. I will write hand-written letters as often as I can.
I love being here. The Spirit is very strong. Our schedule is really busy but I like staying busy, it keeps my mind occupied. I have studied the scriptures and Jesus The Christ so much. I love it. The language is gorgeous. It flows so nicely. And it is coming along really well for me. I am happy that I have the chance to learn it.
So we had to teach an investigator 8 lessons with no notes. And strictly Portuguese. It was tough but it was incredible to see the Spirit direct my thoughts and help me speak the language. I was saying things that I literally maybe learned for 1 second like during class or during a reading. Then I would go into the lesson and say exactly what I had heard and teach. I was able to understand what the investigator needed. I honestly would go into the lesson totally prepared to teach a lesson. But then I would ask what some of his concerns were or what he was having a tough time grasping. And I would switch the lesson right on the spot entirely. For example, our 5th lesson was written out to be keeping the Commandments. I went in and found that he was having a tough time with putting his faith in Christ and how doing that would benefit him. So I had him read Matthew 11: 28-30. Then I talked about in Alma 32 how we need to act and then our faith will grow. He then understood what putting out faith in the Savior would do for him. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and we committed him to Baptism (FINALLY!!!) three lessons later. haha. I honestly challenged him every single lesson. I have learned the importance of coming prepared to teach. But don't focus so much on teaching the lesson. teach the investigator.
My companion is awesome. We aren't very similar but it is amazing how well we get along. From the 2 districts that came in last week (missionaries headed to Brazil) 15 of the 20 are headed to the Salvador South mission. And I'm telling you, I get along so well with all of the elders that are going it is going to be a blast when we get out there!!!
There are way too many beautiful girls here.... haha. It gets me excited knowing there will be so many beautiful and righteous girls when I get home. And that isn't the "missionary talking". That is the truth. I mean, I've always wanted a spouse who could compare to Mom, and while they will fall short of Mom's level, it is good to know they will be on the right path. Trying to get on Mom's level. Rich, you did a great job man. Cherise you are awesome! Love you both. Even though you haven't written me.
Hey here is a fun little thing I was thinking about, in Jesus The Christ it talks about how the book was written using ancient scriptures from both sides of the hemisphere. Since Jerusalem is in the Northern Hemisphere, obviously the Lamanites and Nephites were in the Southern at some point. I mean I know we already knew that because of what leaders of the church have said as well as ancient ruins. I just till think it is really cool to speculate and try to guess. I don't know, Spence and Rich will probably make fun of me for typing that paragraph. haha.
Anyway, my time is almost up. I love this Gospel and I know it is true. A great and Marvelous work is going forth among the children of men and I am humbled to be apart of it. I love everyone and I hope you are doing well. Continue to use Dear Elder because it works very well. I went through the temple this morning and prayed like I have never prayed before for the welfare of all of you and those down the road. Let them know I love them very much and cannot wait to get pictures of little Cody. I hope all is well. I love you all so much. And for some odd reason....I miss you guys.. haha. I love you and be safe! Boa Tarde!!

Elder Hadley

PS get back to me about those slacks ASAP. And there is this girl that is in our zone going to Portugal....she is from Georgia....I will marry her. haha. (that was for you DAD) haha Love you guys!!

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