Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Como Vai?

 March 22, 2013
Como Vai minha familia?

It is so great to constantly hear from all of you on Dear Elder. It really means a lot. Mom and Dad I sent you two a letter talking about an experience I had this past Sunday. I hope you got it. I miss you all a ton.

So again, the language is awesome and is coming along very well. We taught an investigator by the name of Bruno. (He was one of our teachers. How it works is; one of our teachers play as an investigator they taught while on the mission, and they act exactly like they acted to them or exactly how they would act. They are all people they baptized.) And for 45 minutes we just had a normal conversation getting to know him and answering his questions he had, and teaching him about the simplicity of The Book of Mormon. He wants to read the bible but can't understand it. So we told him we would help him read and help him understand if he reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. He is a 19 year old kid who started off with a bad attitude. But he is starting to open up and love having us over. They lessons are going great. I love the language. I can't say it enough. All of the Latin based languages are so awesome.

I love having the chance to study the gospel for as long as we do. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. I've always thought that I have known the gospel pretty well. But the amount of doctrine and principles I have learned in just this short amount of time is amazing. Also, Jesus The Christ....amazing book. I'm obsessed with it. I read it when I'm supposed to be studying Preach My Gospel. haha. I have to control myself.

This past week was pretty much normal. It was great...but again, pretty normal. We sleep, study, teach, eat. That's it. Waking up at 6:30 is actually not hard at all. I am tired throughout the day but in the morning, it's not bad. During Gym time I do absolutely nothing. I sit and watch everyone else play basketball. Except I guess I take that back. I am my companions trainer. I show him what lifts to do and when to do them. I have him do some of the stuff I would do in high school. He is so sore and cries about it all the time but wants me to do it. haha. He is a great kid.

I'm not sure about the news with my Visa. We just play it by ear. I doubt I will get it before my departure date. I am sure I'll be reassigned somewhere. O well. It's all good.

There are now 120 elders and sisters in our Portuguese Branch....That is insane. Before this missionary boom the average was like...45. haha. The Lord's work is moving forward. That is for sure!! I love it. Lots of Sister missionaries. Its crazy. And lots of really young looking Elders. Some look like they haven't touched shaving cream in their life. And some are rude little kids. I about beat one who was being obnoxious during lunch.

There really isn't much other than that. We go on our Temple walk on Sundays at 3-4:30. And our District goes to the temple on Fridays around 8. These past two Fridays have been amazing. The temple is incredible. I love the Spirit I feel when I go through a session then pray afterwards.

It is snowing today...let's see what else...I'm awesome... O wait, I can't remember if I already told you about my two teachers, Brother Hansen, and Brother Nothum. But they are fantastic teachers. They teach exactly how I loke to be taught.

O also, I had my first Sister missionary drama in the District. haha. I had to deal with that and hold a big District meeting and share some spiritual thoughts. Everyone has responded really well. The Lord was absolutely helping me with what I needed to say.

The District is really close. Appropriately close. I had my doubts about sister missionaries haha. Just kidding....kind of... Ours work really hard and have an amazing testimony. And so do our Elders. I am really proud of them

Anyway I love you all. Continue to send Dear Elders. I love hearing from you all.

This church is true. I can't wait to get out in the field. Wherever it is that I end up in the next three weeks. I love this gospel and the peace and insight it provides me. You all are amazing. Having a family like the one we have is a rare gift from the Lord. And words can't express my gratitude for each of you. Continue to study and strive to live the gospel.

I love you and can't wait to see you again.

Elder Hadley

P.S. Dad, the Portugal thing was a joke......kind of. haha. Love you.

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