Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Email To Amanda

March 22, 2013
I love these Amanda. Keep them coming. Those cookies were unreal! I needed those. Hey if I sent my ipod back to get some other music would that be possible? If not it's all good. I just wanted some Kenny Loggins, ( Last unicorn, pooh corner, specifically those two) Stuff like that. Maybe some nice country. haha.  Also, I am going to get my pants fixed so tell mom not to stress. I don't know if mom and dad plan to email me back but I will send my fam email after lunch if I can get back on.

Again tell spence to write me back! Because I need to make sure my letter got to him. I put my facebook login on that letter cause I needed him to do something. And if it went to someone else that would be really bad. So call him and find out. I should get back on in like an hour. So if you can reply. Please do that. okay love you! Miss you! Dear Elder works well.


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