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To Family March 29. 2013

March 29, 2013
How is everyone?
Mother I am so grateful for the letters and quotes you send. They help me out very much. And I love reading about what is going on back home. And Dad, I love hearing from you as well....o wait. I don't hear from you. I hope you're doing alright big guy. Love you.
Happy late Birthday April and happy early birthday Rich.
This past week is honestly not much different than the week before. It is difficult to find what to say because it honestly is the same. I wake up, study study study study study, eat, have class twice in the day, eat some more and then go to sleep.
The language is becoming a little more challenging but the Lord is absolutely helping me with it. It can be frustrating at times when we are teaching someone. But when you allow yourself to get frustrated and focus on what to say. The Spirit can't guide you on what to teach.
I guess actually now that I think about it a few things have changed. Our Branch got so big we had to make a brand new one. Our district was placed in the brand new one. So now I have the chance to work with a different branch Presidency. They are a great group of men. I miss our old branch presidency already. But I see them around quite a bit. It's all good. This next week we will have 40 new Portuguese speaking missionaries. The week after 75 new Port missionaries. And then the week after that, 125 new Portuguese speaking missionaries arrive. Crazy!! It's funny, I am already forgetting how to spell English words because I will write out the Portuguese word first. haha. I can't say it enough. The Lord is really helping me understand the concepts and remember vocabulary. My accent is progressing as well. My teachers tell me I sound native. Pretty humbling to hear that from them. I am very grateful the Lord has helped me so much.
Another thing that is new. Last Saturday we had our first TRC session. That is when we teach a volunteer from the area. They come in, we get to know them. Ask them what they are in need of help with or what they want to hear from us. And then we teach. Our first lesson was a very recent RM that goes to the Y. He was more nervous than me and my companion were. He said he was struggling to have patience with difficult things in his life. We then taught him about the council the Lord gives Joseph while in Liberty. A section we all know well. We then taught him the patience Nephi had throughout his whole journey to the promised land. He gets set back to get the plates. No complaint. His Brothers beat him and tie him up. No complaint. His bow breaks. No complaint. He is asked to build a boat. No complaint. He deals with so much and he always found a way to get through it. Hard tasks and dealing with his obnoxious brothers for that long would not be easy. (I know what that is like). But by Putting his trust in the Lord, he accomplished what he needed to and he had the patience to get through it. We had more we wanted to say but we ran out of time. 30 minutes isn't enough. haha. It was a great experience and a lot of confidence was gained.
I was readying in 2 Nephi and in ch. 31...I believe? He talks about how his writings are plain and how the Lord rejoices in plainness. He also talks about how the Lord will help those understand even if they have difficulty understanding. The Lord will speak to them in their language and their understanding. I have come to realize that. The Book of Mormon is written to be understood. It is so importante that we get our investigators into that book. They will feel something when they read it. And with our help, they can know of the Doctrine of Christ. The Book of Mormon is here on the earth to gather the lost tribes of Israel. I know that is true.
It's weird, I think I told Spence about this. I honestly have an addiction to read out of the scriptures now. My study habits have always been pretty good. But sometimes I would look at it as a chore and not really "enjoy" it. I can't put the New Testament and the Book of Mormon down. It's like I have to know what happens next. But... I'm sure you all know what I am talking about because you all are so much more Spiritual than me.
My companion is awesome. He is always looking to serve me. He struggles with the language but is getting better. He loves the gospel and loves to work hard.
It is amazing being here. I was pretty bitter my Visa didn't come in time but I am so happy now that it didn't. Also, the travel office said that Brazil Visas will be here no later than 6 weeks. HA! Ya right. I've stopped really caring when it will come. Because I've heard so many different stories. I'll go where I need to go.
I love this gospel and I am grateful for my family. I pray for you constantly. It's crazy to think I only have two and a half weeks left in here. I don't feel really prepared with the language but I know that the Lord will provide. As long as I do my part. I would like to council everyone to PRAY and PRAY OFTEN. Always have a prayer in your heart. The power of prayer is so strong and is so important. I love the council Alma gives his son Helamen when he tells him to council with Lord in all of his doings. Of course there are things we don't need to pray about. And you all are smart enough to know what those things are. But I would just advise you to pray for the things you are in need of. The Lord will help us if we have faith and are diligent.
I know this is the Lords work. I know He loves us and knows us by name. Eu amo Voces!

Elder Hadley

I really love all of your letters. They mean a lot.

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