Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28, 2013

I love you all and it is great to hear from you. 
Things are great here in Brazil. We are working with a great group of investigators right now and I am loving it. Its just one reference after another. The members have really come to love and trust us. As well as our recent converts. Me and my comp have three transfers in this area. I am blessed to have this much time here.  Our bishop is also an amazing man. He is 32 and he does it all. Accounting, school, visits everybody in the ward. Probably the best bishop in Brazil. 
We had zone conference this last week. That was awesome. I love the chance to hear from President Andrezzo. He is a great example and a great man who is truly inspired from God. 
I am missing football.....I wont lie. I dont know why but I was thinking more than I should about football this last week. haha. I am a missionary not a Saint. (Ya sorry we cant all be Saints, Jerry) NAME THAT MOVIE!! haha
The heat is a bummer but I am getting used to it. I am sweating all the time so its impossible not to get used to it. haha. 
THis week was a great week for our dupla. We worked hard and got a lot done. These last three transfers have been great for me. I have learned a lot about missionary work and about myself. 

I love you all. I pray for you all. Carsons Headstone is absolutely amazing. Couldnt have been more Perfect. Keep being amazing!!

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 21, 2013

What an amazing week I was able to have these past 7 days. I have been able to see the hand of the Lord in my life and in the life of others in very real and special ways. Its great to hear all is well. I hope Pat, Sharia, and Michelle are not stranded on some island. ITs been away since I have heard from their ugly selves.
This week was great. Except it rained a ton!!! Rain like I have never seen before. Rich it was exactly like that one night in the car when we were driving through Missouri...I think?... When that huge rain storm hit and we couldnt see anything. It was raining like that for three days. It was tough to work but the Lord helped us. What made it so tough was the fact that we are climbing up and down stairs all day. Huge waterfalls were taking us over. haha. But we were still able to have success. 
We have two more weeks of this transfer left. I hope I have the chance to stay in this area for at least one more. It will be a great fourth transfer in this area. We are teaching very many elects. What I noticed this week was how we can find people in so many different ways. I will have to tell you all the stories when I get home. And I will show you some pictures. 
I hope all is well with you guys. Keep on loving the Lord and showing Him that you love Him through your actions. Make right choices. I had the chance to talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and I talked about the Atonement. It was a great opportunity to help the ward. 
I love you guys and dont forget to get involved with the missionaries. Help them. Give them references. Go with them to teach. I wish I would have done more of that. Kepp being awesome. I am praying for you and love you all. Be safe. 
PS My birthday was awesome. My district surprised me with a cake at district meeting and we played dominoes in the church until the rain calmed down. Then went to lunch. Had a great teaching day. Then afterwards President and Sister Andrezzo called me and said they wanted to pass by with a cake but they are in Itabuna at a Zone conference. So they sang to me on the phone and we talked for a while. It was a great day. Once again, Love you all and be good. 

Elder Hadley

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to everybody that has a birthday this month. I love you all and wish you an amazing birthday wish. Mom no need to put money into my account. To be honest I havent even used my card one time. haha. No need to use it. 
So This week was fantastic. Like you all had the chance to see and listen to conference was amazing. I listened to about 75% of it in english. I was able to understand everything in portuguese I just wanted to watch it in English because its just not the same in another language. 
What a weekend. We traveled to Amaralina the chapel there is right on the beach and it was gorgeous aka (very hot) weather. BUt We were indoors so it was okay. I had the chance to talk a lot with my mission president about conference. We both were very grateful for the talks on enduring through challenging times. I dont think being a mission president would be the easiest thing. Especially one as amazing as mine. He talked a lot to me about the rareness of our family. How we are very united. This is something I have always been very grateful for.  
What an emotional and dominating performance by so many of our leaders of the church. The Spirit was touching the hearts of everyone that was listening. To this I have no doubt. 
Family, please continue to heal. The year of 2013 hasnt exactly been the number 1 most fun year for the Hadley and Clyde family. It has been full of many trials and hardships. I loved Elder Hollands and the Prophets talk because I feel like at times we hear these great powerhouse men speak to us and we think they dont have problems. And if they do ever have a problem. It doiesnt even bother them. I loved what President Erying said ( I think it was him i forgot my notes in our apartment) when he talked about how nobody is safe from trials and sin. Nobody. Its part of like my sweet family. I was reading about a pioneer family in Our Herritage the other week and it talked about the sweet story of a family on the trek to Salt Lake. They had 12 kids in the family to start the voyage and the sweet mother was ready to deliver another. When the trail became horrible for the saints this family suffered. in one week time 7 children had died. And over the next couple of days 3 more died. Then a couple of days after. The mother passed away giving birth. Along with the baby. 
Trials are meant to come. Because we are the chosen for these latter-days. The Lords would not have placed us here if He didnt know that we were ready for it. Obviously we had proved ourselves in the life before. So let us prove ourselves again. And continue on. As Elder Holland said onSaturday. 

If the bitter cup will not pass, drink it and be strong.

I love you and I am here to tell you that all things will come to pass. All things will pass. Hold onto what you know is true. Dont ever let go of that. If we do this then the Lord will bless us with our own palace in the Kingdom of Heaven. Together Forever. 

Elder Hadley