Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 24, 2013

Good week this last week. We had some great lessons with some great people. The work is still kind of slow but Miracles always will occur after the trial of our faith right?

So the language has made a huge stride. And Its been arriving well for me. We are teaching some great investigators and they are slowly progressing. Its tough to get them to church but we are working on it.

So our street outside our house always plays music really loud. The same 5 songs all day and all night. BUt this last week I have been getting classic rock and motown. Along with lots of Shania twain and alan jackson. haha. And its always the loudest during my personal study. Not Cool. Almost impossible to focus cause I just want to sing a long. Especially when James Browns, This is a mans world, comes on. hahaha. I have been singing that all week and my cmomp wants to kill me. And then Celene Dions Titanic song comes on and you already know I am singing that all day. haha. They will even play the whole ricky soundtrack and I want to strap on the tie and teach the entire city. hahaha. So there are some pros and cons to the music.

I love this area. I dont want to leave. Hopefully I can stay longer but we get our transfers next week so who knows what will happen? Anyway, I love you all and hope you are all being safe and doing well. I am obssesed with the iogurte here. Its amazing. They have flavors of fruits I have never heard of. haha. I eat iogurte with my quaker oatmeal mixed with corn flakes and I cut bannans in it every morning for breakfast and for dinner. Its too good. Honestly, all of the food is good here.
We found we still have rats living with us So I put on my Dual Survival thinking cap and created three amazing traps with trip wires today. I know they will work. haha. Our bate is unreal.

Anyway I love you all and I hope you are being good. Stay safe. Love you

Elder Hadley

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