Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey family,
This week was a good one. We recieved our transfers and I will be staying here and will start training another missionary. I am excited and feel like I need to be here for at least a little while longer to finish some things. It is easy to see that our President is inspired of God. 
Elder Swift my great friend here on the mission is going home this week. I can believe it. Its crazy to see all of these older missionaries that helped ya out so much and with whom you built such strong friendships, go home before you do. Its just part of the mission though. Mom you didnt respond about if it would still be possible for Grandpa to seal Swift and his wife. Just let me know what Grandpa says. 
So this week was a good one. I thought I was going to get transferred but deep down inside of me I knew that I was going to stay. And when it comes down to it. I am really happy that I will stay. This ward is a great one and the area is even better. 
So this week was cool. We had interviews and house checks. Our house won Reino Celestial. haha. Because it was so dang clean. It was tough for people to win the highest kingdom. We were one of the few on the mission. Then we had interviews with President. I love talking with President. I always feel so excited about the work after interviews with him. He and sister Andrezzo have a great spirit about them that just maked you happy to be around with them and talk with them. Tomorrow I will spend all day in their house waiting for the new missionaried to arrive so that will be cool. They always make pancakes for breakfest when we go there. haha. Thats what I am talking about. 
We had some great lessons this week. We committed this family to marriage and now we are talking about a date. haha. Its an exciting thing to ba apart of. We taught about temples and eternal marriage and chastity. They understood that they were sinning. We left that very clear. They have to repent. If the people that we are not teaching do not FULLY understand that they are sinning, why would they repent? And if they do not repent, they cannot see the blessings of the Gospel. Blessings from our Father in Heaven are given to us when we repent and do what is right. It doesnt matter if we are members of the church or not. Thats how it is and how it always will be. So we are really excited to see them progress. I will keep  you updated. 
We found some great people who are wanting to learn more about the gospel. It will be fun to continue to teach. 
So anyway. My week was a good one and it was full of the same old missionary stuff. Lots of walking and talking with literally everyone. I could give you guys every story and every experience but then I wouldnt have any to tell you when I get home. haha. Love you all and hope all is goind well. Be safe and be good!!

Elder Hadley

PS I will need to see a pic of pat standing next to mom to believe that he is almost taller than her. haha

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