Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014

I love you all and hope all is well. I miss you all very much. 
Life here is great. The Lord is really blessing this area. It is easy to see His love that He has for His children here on earth. I have a strong testimony that He is present in ALL  places at ALL times. Dont ever forget that. 
This week was a great week. We are teaching some great people and are helping many understand the Gospel of Christ. We have been working with a family who is not married but we are working with them on the whole marriage thing. This week will be a big week because we are going to work on getting their documents. So pray hard that all will go well. I will keep you posted on them. The husband wants to know if he can come and work for you dad. hahaha. He is a really hard worker and has always wanted to work on a farm. I told him I would talk to my dad. haha. 
We are working with a great group of young men right now. We are excited to see them progressing. The new rule of Brazil, I might have already told you but I will say it again, is that a kid under the age of 16 has so go to church at least 12 times before he or she can be baptized or he or she has to go a good number of times and have an interview with the Bishop if he or she is to be baptized before attending church 12 times. So with these young men who are all under 16. 13-15 are their ages. We are going to get them to chuch a few more times then have their interviews because they are wanting to be baptized now. haha. They are great young men who have a huge desire to follow Christ. We will continue to work with them as well. 
So last pday we went to say goodbye to our Bishop because he is moving to São Paulo. I talked to his daughter who had to come home early from a mission due to health problems and she started talking about eveyone in my district at the MTC in São Paulo. And I asked her, Wait if you knew them you should have known me. But she didnt remember and neither did I. Then the conversation continued and I jsut sat quiet thinking about the MTC and I remembered one day a Sister missionary came up to me and asked where I was going to serve. When I told her where I was going she told me in English that she has a dad that is a Bishop in Salvador and I need to go visit her family and that was the only time I saw her and forgot about it until that night at Bishops make a long story short we discovered that it was her that came up and told me that. So she invited me to come meet her dad and family and one year later I was able to meet them and she was there too. Its a pretty crazy story. Well at least I thought. haha. We all couldnt believe it. Its a small world but I think the church makes it even smaller. Anyway. That was kind of funny this week. 
I have been studying Jesus the Christ again and am loving it. I cant put it down. Study the scriptures and the words of the Prophets!!
This week we have interviews with President and Sister. They are visiting all of the houses to do a clean check. Good thing ours is clean. haha. It really is. 
Anyway, so my week was great. Congrats everyone with the babies that will be coming soon. I love you all and have a great week!! Remember that the Lord loves you!! 

Elder Hadley

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