Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

So this week was a really really hot week. I mean really hot. I have never felt this type of heat before. haha. And it was also a pretty stressful week. 
We were able to meet some great people but when Sunday came. Instead of the 20 people we had planned to go with us to church. Only 5 went with us. We are really happy with the 5 that went but we really thought that we would be able to get a lot more. But thats normal. 
Anna is having some troubles. She started out really great but is having some difficulties with a desire to follow Christ. She is also studying with other churches. She went to church with us yesterday. I dont know how much she liked it but we will talk to here today. Its really heart breaking when you see peole who you come to really care about slip away and lose a desire to follow Christ. 
Missionary work is a great work to be apart of. But one that is not the easiest. And I think thats part of the reason why it makes it so great. I think that is why this life and this plan that our Father in Heaven has created for us is so great. Think of how little we would learn and how unexciting life would be if it were easy. 
I did a division with one of the LZs this week. We had a good time and were able to work really hard. He was my LZ in the other zone and he moved when I moved. It was good to work with him again. 
We were able to teach a woman this week who is planning a wedding with her husband. She and her husband the entire lesson were saying how much light that we Elders had and how much they loved just being around us. We had a powerful and very spiritual lesson about the restoration of the gospel. They want us to help them with their wedding. We are praying really hard that everything will go well and they will end up being baptized and then off to the temple. Thats the goal we as missionaries should have. 
I love you all. Sorry this letter is short but I dont have a whole lot to say. haha. Keep being good boys and girls. Love you all!

Elder Hadley

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