Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 3, 2014

Hey family!
So its a little bit weird that now the entire world knows about what happened with me last, amanda.....Big mouths....haha. 
Sophia was born!!! Wow!! What a way to make a missionary want to go home!! haha. She is adorable and I am so glad that you all are okay! What a blessing to have in our lives. So she was born groundhogs day right? She looks like a little chunky groundhog. Probably because she looks like G....
So I am so glad to hear all is well with you guys and others back home. It brings a lot of comfort to know that you are all doing okay. I miss you all and think of you often. 
So this new area is a great one. Its a little more calm so dont worry mom. haha. I will be okay. We have a beautiful chapel here. Thats always nice. A chapel with AC because I cant even explain how hot it has been this last it was killer temp. Straight sun sun sun sun. Its something that you cant explain. haha. I have lost quite a bit of weight. I dont eat a whole lot becuase I dont find myself with a whole lot of time. Its like I would rather be doing other things. I dont workout everyday like I should because I am so dang tired. I wake up at 6;30 and drink a glass of chocolate milk to wake me up then take a shower to cool off. Then start reading. I should start to wrokout again....
So this week was a good one. There are some great people in this area. There have been some missionaries that have just been baptizing children when they passed by here in this area so we have a really high number of members but not a high numbers of active members. I have been thinking about some ideas that I think will help. We will have a meeting with the ward mission leader this week. Its a great ward that has lots of potential to grow. They will help us if we ask. My district is us. The zone leaders and two sets of sisters. haha. The sisters work super hard and are super obedient and the zone leaders work hard as well. Its a cool district to be in. I miss the missionaries from my other house. I hope they are all doing well. I am sure they are. 
So this week we were blessed to meet some great people and teach some great people. We were also blessed to help a little family enter into the waters of baptism. I dont mention my baptisms very much but I just want to talk about them. The 8 year old son holds onto my arm and never lets it go when I am around. haha. I have one week here and I am not sure why this kid loves me so much but he does. haha. During his confirmation I felt the Spirit so strong as I was giving him the blessing I almost started to cry. He will one day serve a mission. I have no doubt about that. I have never met an 8 year old boy who didnt grow up in the church have such a desire to learn about Christ. He knows the bible better than I do. It was a great weekend. 
We are going to continue to work hard and do what we need to do to help ALL come unto Christ. I invite you all to do the same. Love you all!! Be safe!

Elder Hadley

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