Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

Hey family!! HOw are you all doing!! I am doing great. Its super hot here so enjoy the cold. My skin will never be white again and the mosquitos and the heat make it almost impossible to sleep at night. haha. But that cant even stop the missionaries here in this mission stop from loving it. This mission has great missionaries and they work really hard. I am grateful to be a part of it all.
Just a side note, mom take some sweet pictures of the farm and send them to me if you could? LIke of the horses and the sheep and when the lambs start to come and also the cows. For sure. Everyone here is wanting to see pictures of our farm. They like the idea that we are farmers. I am not sure why? haha. Just kidding. Farming is the way to go. It really is. That would be great if you coudl do that. Thank you mother. 
So this week was great. We were able to get a good amount of people to church this sunday. It felt good to have people walking with us to church. It always does but this sunday it felt really good. Maybe because it was raining and it was a little bit cooler. That may have something do to with it. Church went great. Until the very end.....Our investigator Anna....55. We found her last wednesday and she LOVED church. There are some steps that are really steep and pretty high right in front of our beautiful chapel. And she fell from the stop step and touched nothing until her face smaced on the ground at the very bottom of the steps. I thought for sure she got knocked out. Me and my comp ran over and picked her up both of us expecting to see a destroyed cheek bone and teeth that had falling out. BUt she jumped right up totally fine and yelled JESUS IS MY SAVIOR!!!! haha. It was super sweet!! She had a little blood in her mouth and a scraped up arm and leg and for sure she will be sore the next few days. But she is okay. I seriously thought that she might have been knocked out or dead. She fell face first and I mean fell hard. I dont know how she was okay like she was. We went inside cleaned her up and gave her some water. Then we walked her home. But she was fine the whole time. After lunch we passed by and she wasnt home. That left us a little nervous but we will go by there tonight to talk to her. She is alright. She said she has strong african ancestors. haha. And she has more muscle than I did when I was in great shape. haha. Well....good shape...haha. I have always been kind of fat and soft. 
But the week was really good. We are working in a different area. We first tried close to the church with all of the really big rich person houses. And we left and went back to the more humble area. This ward is a great one. I love the people here. We taught this Anna lady how to pray. She said all 55 years of her life nobody cared to teach her and she said she hasnt said a real prayer. Not even one time in her life. So I told her she was going to pray. It was on Thrusday. She was super embarrassed and said that she wouldnt. So we taught her how to do it. Then I said she needed to pray or nobody will talk to God after our lesson. hahaha. Just a little loving pressure.... Anyway then I folded my arms and bowed my head. Then my comp did. And she sat there for a while laughing saying that she wouldnt. But we didnt move a muscle. We just sat there. haha. Finally after 5 minutes she started to pray. Then she got quite and was crying and crying. Then finished. Then told us how amazing she felt and how she will start to pray every day. It was a blessing to see and The Spirit was very strong. 
The power of prayer is very real and very important. That is exactly why Cali and Utah are haveing the fasts and PRAYERS. It is very powerful and Our Heavenly Father WANTS to hear from us whenever He can. Dont forget to pray, family! The Savior Himslef prayed, If He needed it you better believe that we need it. 

Love you all and have a great week!!

3 Nephi 18:19-21

Elder Hadley

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