Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Hey so this week was a really good one!! We had a lot of time to work in our own area and that was really nice. We found and taught lots of less actives and found lots of new people. We confirmed lots of people to go to church with us but we were only able to take a few. It was a little sad but as i have learned here on the mission you have to count the small victories even if they are small. haha. 
We took a less active lady to church from São Paulo. I think she is like 60 years old. We call her grandma. haha. Its super funny cause she yells at us all the time so we yell back at here. Like on Sunday she was taking forever to come out of the house and we just stood outside yelling at here to hurry up and that we were going to leave her. hahaha. She is pretty funny. We also took some girls who actually went by themselves which isnt something tha happens every sunday. haha. They are really good. They are 24 and 25. You find here that girls take life way more seriously than the guys. Not always but a lot of the time it is that way. Then the couple who we are helping get the papers to they can get married also went. They are seriously the coolest people. They are a young couple and they LOVE it when we teach them. Cardim the husband is such a stud. He has incredible questions and understands things of the gospel so well. The book of Mormon is helping out a lot. Its great. I am pretty tired and working in this super hot sun is difficult but the people that we find each day and the others that we are working with make it all worth it. 
 This week we will travel to a city called Itabuna to do a split with some missionaries. I am pretty excited. I have already been to the city because it is super close to Ilhéus, where I was serving. But I have never had the chance to actually work there.  
Thanks for the birthday wishes. We were able to work really hard on my birthday even though I was pretty dang sick. President and Sister were traveling so I didnt get a cake....haha. Because if you are a missionary in Salvador then they will buy a HUGE cake and take it to your house for you. But they were in the interior traveling so they called and sand to me. Last year they were also traveling....its okay. Next year maybe I will get a birthday cake. haha. 
So i heard BYU is having troubles and lots of injuries....thats super sad. They were doing really well. I feel really bad for Taysom. I hope he is doing well. 
Dang the family pictures and the pictures of my nieces and nephews is super great to see. I seriously have an urge to grab them and kiss their cheeks. I miss those babies!!! Everyone will be at my homecoming and leave the babies at the house until I go to BYU to make up for the two years I didnt have with them. haha. 
I hope you all are doing well. I miss you guys. Love you!! Have a great week!!

Elder Hadley

Mom, I still havent gotten the box....haha. but its okay. Its coming.

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