Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

Alright so I have heard from a few of my friends that mom is saying that she hasnt heard from me in the last few weeks....haha. Sorry mom I thought I was sending email. The truth is, like I have already said, I dont have a whole lot to say when I sit down to write you guys. haha. I am not sure why but I really dont. But I will try to be more detailed. 

So here we go:

I got back to salvador and I am loving it. I love my companion and I love the other missionaries who live in our house. It is seriously like the best house on the mission. Everyone is so good and works really hard. We have a missionary named Elder Hoggan who is actually the mission secretary and probably will be for the rest of his life cause he is so dang good at it, living with us and he honestly is just an amazing kid. i am super impressed with how he carries himself. He doesnt force it and isnt like awkward or weird or anything but he just is a really good kid. I remember he got on the mission when I first went to go train and I wanted to train him so badly!! But I didnt. ha. Anyway. 

This first week back in salvador was great. Here at the Stake center during general conference I saw tons of people from Itapu√£ and Bandeirantes, the two areas that I worked in while I was here before. I saw members, recent converts, and less-actives that i worked with. It was super emotional. I loved it. haha. I think I might have lunch for the rest of our Pdays while I am here in Salvador. 

During the breaks of conference sessions me and my companion spent a lot of time with Presidente Andrezzo talking about the mission and really just talking. Its honestly very humbling to be able to work closer with him. A man incredible inspired, loving, merciful, pacient, and very obedient. He really cares for all of the missionaries and you can see it. On saturday he took me and my comp to eat at McDonalds. Wow.....the 2nd time on my entire mission....haha. It was pretty dang good. It had been a long time. 

We have a really good group. We are working with lots of people who need to get married....something that is very difficult to make happen here in the state of the Bahia....Its a long and difficult process. Even for those who really want it. 

Elections this week.....thats been pretty crazy for the past month and a half. Lots of commercials and stuff like that. they do elections here WAY different.....

Not much is new. We are preparing a training to give tomorrow about The Book of Mormon. Probably the best topic to give a training about. We hope and Pray it will be a success. 

I loved general conference. It was incredible. I loved all of it and took some great notes. I really enjoyed Jorg Klebingat and Elder Bednars talk. Elder Holland....like always. I loved Elder Scotts talk. And Elder Godoys talk was amazing as well. I was spiritualy fed. I am sure you were as well. 

I hope you have a great week!! I love you all!!

Elder Hadley   

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