Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey family,
So this week was a good one and one that was also kind of sad....I had spent a year in the capital, Salvador. And I had to leave to a city called Ilheus. Its very beautiful. Its sad just cause I will miss Salvador but its also really good and I am really excited because of my new area and my new comp.
Like I said I am in Ilheus Its really awesome. We have a great ward and great recent converts! and great people. There was a terrible accident here in this little small area where a little ten year old boy was in an accident with his bike, him, and a semi....we found out the name of the boy and are searching for his family. We hope we can find them and teach them. Everybody pretty much knows everybody here so we will find the house.
My comp is Elder Gillenwater, he is from Indiana. He is so great. haha. It seems like we have been friends for longer than one week. We have a lot in common and this week was great while we were teaching. We really felt the Spirit and all of our lessons flowed really well. He makes me want to be better daily. So that is really good.
There isnt a whole lot to write this week. I am in a ward where Grant Gallinger served (from Richland, Tysons cousin if you guys dont remember) and he as some people here that he baptized that are amazing!!! They help us so much with the work. Elder Gallinger was a great missionary.
I will write more next week. Ask questions. I dont know what to say anymore. haha. Love you all and have a great week!!!
Elder Hadley  

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