Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

So these past have been really good ones. I have been really lazy with my journal writing the past 5 weeks....I am incredibly sad seeing that five weeks ago was literally the first day that I hadn't written in the entire mission....But I have been better these past couple of weeks. Its just when we do splits and things like that I never have time to write. But I will get it taken care of. I have repented and will be better.
We have a great area. I have already talked about it a little bit to you guys Its super close to the church which helps out a lot.
We are teaching a family. Well we actually have not been teaching them yet because they are always gone!!! But we will get in there on Tuesday and teach them. they have came twice by themselves!! Its a mother with two daughters and a son. Good people. We are looking forward to Tuesday. I have no doubt they will be baptized. The moms sister is a member of the church and lives in Utah. That helps.
We have been teaching great people and working a ton with the recent converts and with the less actives. In this area it is without a doubt the best way to work. But we also knock tons of doors. Because I am in love with knocking doors. I think its really exciting.
The world cup has been pretty crazy. But not too crazy. In my area anyways. I know in Salvador...its pretty nuts. We have to stay inside our house when Brazil plays because of the parties and stuff. But we always catch bits and pieces of other games because EVERYONE we teach is watching and will not turn off their tv. They pay attention to us but will not turn it off. They think its cool that we love to cheer with them and stuff.
We were teaching a married couple who was being kind of slow while they were progressing. We decided to bring the hammer down and the Spirit was incredibly strong. We taught the plan of salvation. They loved it and could feel the spirit and felt that they needed to repent. But Sunday came around....and they didn't go to church. that often happens. I think that's why I am so stressed. I care for these people and want to help them with conversion and baptism but many times....they deny the spirit. That makes me really sad for them. really sad....But we cant make their choices for them.

 I literally think my hair is falling out....but I think that is either a Clyde gene or my stress....Just pray that it stops cause I have literally cried at night about it. hahaha. Not really but almost. Its a crappy feeling....
But I am loving every second I have here. I miss you guys a ton. But I am not ready to get back yet. haha. I have learned so much since I have been here on the mission. I have studied and studied and studied some more. The doctrine of the gospel is addicting. I hope you all are also studying as well. The scriptures are incredible. Study the book of Mormon.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Pray for my baldness. haha

Elder Hadley

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