Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11, 2014

SPENCER!!!!! RAIDERS!!!!! haha.

Wow I am so happy for you man. You deserve it. I lilked the finger. remember my thumb that I messed up at BYU spence. It still hurts quite a bit. haha. And is still swollen....but I think you got it a little bit worse.

So this week was great. These past few months have been great. We have had the chance to help people enter into the waters of baptism weekly. Its such a miracle to be apart of this work; When we give it our all the Lord blesses us with what we ask. Nothing too crazy happened this week. I left the area for the first time in like 8 weeks. haha. I did not like being away for the 2 days and was super happy to get back. I love my area and the people we are teaching.

I am tired but super happy. I love you all. Sorry this letter isnt very long. To be honest...I dont know what to say anymore. haha. Its the same ol same ol. I hope you all are well!!!

Elder Hadley

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