Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

Hey family!!
This week I am pretty darn tired....haha. This was a week that we worked really hard trying to establish more of a group to work with. We finished up with our group from before and we need to find more people who are wanting the Restored Gospel. 
ITs a challenge but its worth it.
We had stake conference here this last week and that was awesome. President Andrezzo spoke and wow it was a power house talk. I only pray that the members listened and felt the same Spirit that we as missionaries felt. If they did for sure we will see a difference in the work. He also spoke to those who were visiting and if they felt the same Spirit that we felt. They will be baptized this next Saturday. haha. It was a really really good talk. Sister Andrezzo also brought the house down. 
So this week was super super hot until Sunday. Which left it difficult for us. Sunday is the day when we need everyone to go to church. Or a better way to say it is when THEY NEED to go to church for themselves. But this last Sunday came around and what happened....rain rain rain. And when it rains everyone does what? Sleeps and will not leave and walk in the rain. SO that made our Sunday a pretty sad one. haha. But Sunday night we went to a members house who has the cutest little girl named Nicole. (in English nicole). And I taught her to give the peace sign and say PEACE. haha. Just like Brooks always used to do and I feel like all of the babies that are around mom used to do or still do because if I remember correctly it is mom that teaches that to everyone....hippy....haha. No but it is really cute when she does it. We will use skype at there house so I will have her do it for you guys. Remind me! haha. 
SKype. O YA!! It will be really fun to be able to talk with you guys during Skype. I wish everyone could be there but if not thats okay. I understand. Maybe we can do what we did last time and have everyone on the phone or something. Its crazy to think that after this skype with you guys I only have one more. Time flies by. 
Hey mom my friend Elder Swift well now that he is back home its Stewart Swift would just like to know if Grandpa will be able to do their sealing or not. He would love to have Grandpa do it but understands if he cant. I think I have talked about this like fifty times and havent really gotten an answer yet so if you could get me a response on that question that would be great. haha. 
 This week we have interviews with President. It should be good. Sister Andrezzo will look at our area books. We keep it really nice and up to date BUT....she always knows how to find something wrong with it. haha. 
What else happened this week.....I cant remember. Nothing new. Just the same ol same ol missionary work. We had some great lessons where the Spirit was REALLY strong. I had a guy (this is normal) go to the window of his house and grab his bible and yell at me I ALREADY KNOW THE WORD!! DONT NEED YOU TRYING TO TEACH ME YOUR LIES!!! And in a quick reaction I gave a response that wasn't mean but wasn't nice either. haha. 
 Another man was harassing my comp when my comp was trying to teach him the Plan of Salvation and when I heard I went over there. Talked with the man kindly....haha....kind of...I just taught him sternly. And left him thinking about some things. haha. 
I really dont fight with people, honestly I dont, but sometimes there are moments where you need to teach more boldly and with more.....I dont know what the word is. haha. But I dont fight. So nobody dont send me an email saying that I shouldn't be fighting with people. haha. 

Anyway. I love you guys and I love this work. Much to learn and much to experience. Love you all and keep being good boys and girls. 

ELder Hadley

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