Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 19, 2014

Family, This week was a good one. We saw a lot of success in our area. Especially the four of us that are in this ward. It was really cool to be apart of. Transfers are this next week. Lets see what happens. It rained a ton this last week. It was nice to have it cooler but I also was literally completely soaked all day long for like three days. Better to be soaked from clean rain water than soaked from sweat. haha. I have tried ahrd to start working out hard again everyday.....thats not going so well. Seeing pics of spence and how big he is has given me some inpiration but....I am really tired...haha. This week was great. Yesterday we were invited to visit two other church meetings. These people went with us to church so we went with them as well. We went to a Jehovah Witness meeting. It was very interesting. The part I loved the most was when it ended. There were four missionaries. Me my comp and two other elders that went with us. Literally almost EVERYONE came up and talked to us and welcomed us and started teaching us and inviting us to come back. THe reception there was really good. We see the members of this church almost everyday in the streets teaching people and we dont get a whole lot of time to talk to them. But they were really kind. But I noticed they did that with the other visitors as well. Everybody would go talk to them. And they have lots of members. So it was a cool thing to see. I learned that when I get back from the mission I need to be better reaching out to those who visit or those who are new members. Members of the church have power to do what the we as missionaries do not have....Remember that. We taught some great lessons this week. I feel like I have really done better with trying my hardest to teach by the Spirit. It has been something that I have been working really hard to do these past couple of weeks. I have seen improvement in the lessons and the way people respond. I love you all. This next week will be even better than the last. Keep being good boys and girls. Elder Hadley

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