Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, April 22nd

So I had my letter all typed out and the computer failed and erased it all.....Wow I am pissed. So I will try to remember what I said.
First, Mom i was looking at who you forwarded my last letter to. And that profile picture doesnt look like our April. haha.
Okay lets talk about this place. Very Poverty stricken but the people are great. We have 8 solid investigators that I think will get baptized next Satuday. We will see how it goes. I am really praying for them hard.
Okay so the other night I got bit by a Bug and woke up in the middle of the night because it was itching so badly. I went to the bathroom to look at it and I had a bite on my neck a little bit bigger than a golf ball bulging out of my neck. it freaked me out a little. So I put some itch stuff on it and said a prayer asking to get rid of it. I feel asleep and woke up the next morning and it was completely gone. Bigger than a gold ball to literally nothing there. Crazy. So we had lunch at a members house the other day and she made this vegatable mush type stuff and she told us to get a big plate full of it. It didnt look too bad so I did. I tasted it and it tasted like she took one of those beef cow salt tablet bricks and she cooked the entire thing with the vegtables. It litterally was like I was scraping mush off of the bottom of the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake, whichever is saltier, and putting that bite into my mouth. Wow...The Lord helped me eat all of it. So I taught my first lesson the other day when I was on a aplit with one of our Zone Leaders. Elder Smith. I committed the man to baptism. Elder Smith said he thinks tha man will go through with it. I hope he is right. Elder Silva and I taught a group of girls and they really wanted to hear me teach in english. So I did and elder Silva translated. It went really well and the Spirit was very strong. When I was with Elder Smith we had lunch at a members house and she had a friend come over to her house to eat with us. This firend was freakin crazy. She kept grabbing my hands and putting her hands on my back and shoulders and I told her she couldnt do that. But she kust kept saying how beautiful I was and how I looked like a German God?!? haha. She was nuts. Then I was giving the lunch message and she was like repeating everything I said...haha. Wow...
So we had church yesterday and let me tell you we have the most gorgeous primary kids on the planet. There is a young girl who has light brown skin, blonde hair, and like white sky blue eyes. So pretty. And Moroni is already my little homie, he followed me everywhere. haha. The youth are great. A girl gave a talk and it was really good. She is the leader of all the youth. You can tell she knows the scriptures. She was quoting left and right. Nobody can say my name, they say (Ardlee, Aidlee) other weird stuff. haha. So The theacher called on me to read in class and i was like, ya i will try. and they all started to laugh and I was thinking o great, this is going to be rough. haha. But I actually read really well and when I was finished they were all saying, Congrats, Great job Elder, Really good job. They cheered for me like I was baby taking his first steps. haha. Our house is not so nice. It is a home for a family of Lizards. Maybe that is what bit me. The food is so good here but I need a cheeseburger haha. tell Nate and Ariana i have a bakery like 10 steps from me and they sell pão de queso there and they are HUGE and only for 40 centavos. I live off those, pasta, and chocolate milk.
Hey my camera doesnt work too well I might have to buy cheap ones down here. For some reason it only stays on for like 5 seconds. But then randomly it will work. I dont know it will be fine. Okay I am out of time. I love you all. remember what Lehi counciled his sons and What King Benjamin counciled his people. When He said, inasmuch as ye keep the commandments, you WILL prosper. I love you all. Be good and be safe.

Elder Hadley

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