Monday, April 22, 2013

Mission Field

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
My Family!!! How is everyone?
So I am in my area. Baianão a little area, it is next to Porto Seguro which is the big city. That is where the chapel is. A lot of good people and very poor area. It really makes me think of my problems in a whole different way. I miss everyone very much. This is harder than I thought. Just because of the language barrier. I can understand a lot of what they say and can speak back fairly correctly. The AP said he thinks I should have the language down in no more than two months. He says he was blown away with how well I could speak. Surprised me to be honest. Ha. It gave me a lot of confidence.
So I woke up and left the CTM in Sao Paulo at 4 am. Then We got tot the airport and they made me check a third bag. I was told I would have to pay a huge expense. With the help of an Elder traveling with me who speaks Portguese and English and of course, a miracle from the Lord, I could check all 3 and no fee. I was praying so hard. The lady just let me check them. Crazy stuff. So I arrived in Salvador. SO HOT!!!!!! I cant even explain to you how hot it is. And we are starting to come into winter. Stupid.... Anyway crazy stuff. So I was taken with four other elders to the Presidents house where we ate and we were trained and we were assigned our trainers. I am with Elder R. Silva. This guy is the man. A good looking tall buff Brazillian. haha. He has helped me a ton already and it is only our first day in the area. Our PDay is Monday but he said he wants me to write my family because he knows it would be really hard for me and he feels bad for me. But he wants to work work work work work. And so do I. The President put the right two guys together.
So we left Salvador last night at 8 and got on a bus. 13 hour long bus ride. haha. Shoot me in the face. It was not fun. We arrived in our area. We were taken to our apartment. I have pictures and a video I will send Monday. And I will tell you more about the area on Monday. All I can say is The houses are stacked on top of each other. Mom and Amanda. Imagine HAiti. That is exactly what it is like. Minus, the streets are a tad bit cleaner here and the shops are cleaner. But the houses. The exact same. A member fed us food. AWESOME food!! Loved it. Cutest little family. We are now out contacting and inviting people to come to church. They all say they will come and be baptized. haha. We have stopped three guys and they agreed. Crazy stuff. So ya, all around the houses it is straight jungle with obnoxious monkeys but cute little things. A great area. Google map it if you want.
That is great to hear everyone is safe. I feel safer here in Brasil. Our Country is not doing so well. SO GOOD to read about Nicole and little Codster. I need pics of the little man sent my way. I love you all so very much and everything is going very well here.
It is hard, a lot harder than I thought. I was sent to the poorest area in the mission with the most work to do. I know I can do it. I just NEED the Language so I can teach!! I can teach what I need to teach but sometimes when I ask questions and they dont give me a simple answer...that is when it is tough. But Elder Silva is helping me and we are going to get a lot of work done.
Again I love you all and pray for each of you everyday. Again, my PDAY is Monday. We have one hour and we can write whoever we want. Mom if you can, get me Tysons, Kades, Chandlers, and Austins email. Okay Love you all very much. be good and please be safe.
PS I should have brought less stuff. haha.
Love Elder Hadley

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