Friday, April 12, 2013


April 10, 2013
Dear Family,
So let me break it down for you quickly. We are givin like no time on these things in this MTC. I love you all very much.
Brazil is an amazing country but people are nuts. The driving is crazy and people do not care about their lives. The language is coming a long well but I still feel as if i am nervous about it. I get out there next week. I will have more time to write more then.
We are heading into winter now and the weather is gorgeous. It is really humid but bearable. I love the saints here, all very happy and willing to work with us missionaries. They come in as volantarios to teach all of the time. It is an amazing thing to see. The city is pretty poverty stricken. The People don't have much but you can tell are very happy. They are always willing to talk to you and get to know you. Me and my companions, (both american) went out last thursday for an hour and placed 6 book of mormons. The Lord was with us and helped us speak with the people. He wants His work to move forward, so if we are willing to try, He will help us. I love you all very much and will fill you in more next week when I get out in the field. As I said, we have no time to email here. haha. frustrating but its all good.
I went to the sao paulo temple today. Ama\ing experience. I put mom dad tom glenda nicole and boyds name in the temple. I felt like i really needed to. I hope everyone is doing well. We talked to some poeple out on the street the other day and life is not easy for them. Infact it is very very hard. But they love God and want to know how He can help them. And He can help them. I will write more next week. My time is up. i love you all and pray for you all.
God bless.
Elder hadley

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